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Saturday, April 20, 2019


Weather Puts UofL Events in Jeopardy Across the Board

Three UofL athletic teams saw their events put on hold or never started yesterday due to weather across the southeastern US. Softball and baseball were both midway through their games in their home stadiums when the rain began coming down far too hard for the games to continue. Rowing, on the other hand, had to deal with much more severe weather as tornado and severe storm warnings kept boats off of the water in Clemson 

View of Don Dobina Field from Softball press box Friday
Rowing began their adjusted schedule early this morning in an effort to make up for all of the time missed yesterday. Softball and baseball are in opposite boats as it relates to getting to continue their games today. Softball is currently leading in the top of the fifth inning, but their game cannot go official without finishing that half inning. As teams are not allowed to play more than two games in a single day, if finishing this game pushes until tomorrow, the Cards will have to cancel one of the games scheduled in tomorrow's double header with GT. Baseball, though, has no incentive to continue play today. There is still one more game scheduled for the Cards, but they have a game of their own to finish. In this one, Louisville trails 10-3 in the bottom of the sixth. Why wouldn't they want a chance to come back, you ask? That would be because the Cards led 3-1 after 5 full innings, which is enough to make the game official. If Louisville and Miami can't complete the sixth inning before 6PM tonight, the time the ACC requires teams leave on a get-out day, the score will revert back and the Cards will be victorious.

We'll see what the weather does in Louisville today, as forecasting spring weather in the Ohio Valley is about as pointless an exercise as you can imagine.

Other Sports in Action Today

Plenty of UofL athletics are still in action today, though, with the aforementioned rowing being
joined by women's tennis, track and field, volleyball and lacrosse. None are at home. Tennis is at the ACC Championships, while track and volleyball stayed closer to home. Track is at the Kentucky Invitational and the volleyball team traveled down to Morehead. Perhaps the most interesting event of the day is Lacrosse's matchup with the number one team in the country. Scott Teeter has taken his squad up the coast to Chestnut Hill to take on Boston College. Every game in the ACC is a brutal matchup for the Cards, but as we said last week, you have to beat the best to be the best. Today's game is at noon and is available on ACC Network Extra.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

With Jared at the bank and me down at the farm, the studio won't be quite full today. Paulie and Jeff will be joined once again by Daryl Foust, where I imagine yesterday's softball shenanigans and the victory for the diamond Cards in the Battle of the Bluegrass will be quite the topic of discussion. Tune into WCHQ FM at 11 AM for the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.

The station is available at 100.9 FM in Louisville and online at, the WCHQ App, or Facebook Live.

Until next time, Go Cards!

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  1. Nasty weather this morning and I doubt SB gets anything in.

    Shout out to Nyah Green, WBB recruit, playing in the Jordan Brand Classic

    Curtis "Not a duck, head to dry land" Franklin


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