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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Asia, Arica and Sam selected in WNBA Draft -- Just hush, Matt...--THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Asia Durr was selected second overall in the WNBA draft for 2019 last night by the New York Liberty and teammates Arica Carter and Sam Fuehring were picked by WNBA squads in the third round of the draft. Arica went to the Phoenix Mercury as the 32nd pick and Sam to the Washington Mystics as the 34th pick. 

It is the second time three Cards WBB players have gotten picked by WNBA squads in the same season. Back in 2014, Shoni Schimmel went eighth to the Atlanta Dream, Antonita Slaughter was the 35th pick in round three by the Los Angeles Sparks and Asia Taylor was the final, and 36th. pick of that year's draft, going to the Minnesota Lynx.

All told, 11 University of Louisville WBB players have heard their name called by WNBA teams inn the past 19 years. Jill Morton (2000), Lori Nero (2003), Angel McCoughtry (2009), Candyce Bingham (2009) and Myisha Hines-Allen (2018) are the previous selections who played at Louisville. 

A bit of a surprise, for many, to see Durr go second and not first. Jackie Young, from Notre Dame, who recently decided to skip her senior year with the Irish -- was the #1 selection and will go to the Las Vegas Aces.

It's hard to say why the Aces went with Young instead of Durr...although some analysts thought that Young's game would be well suited for the Aces, though and Durr goes to a club, in the Liberty, that finished 7-27 last year and has no real standout scorers besides center Tina Charles. 

Arica joins a squad in Phoenix that has Diana Taurasi as their main guard and also the duo of Brittney Griner and DeWanna Bonner in the paint. Phoenix made it to the finals of the WNBA Playoffs last year before losing to the Seattle Storm in three straight games.

For Sam, a chance to reunite with Myisha Hines-Allen in Washington. The Mystics, 22-12 last season, feature Elena Della Donne as their main scorer. 

All in all, the first round featured five ACC players getting selected (Young, Durr, Arike Ogunbowale, Kiara Leslie and Brianna Turner). Two players from the ACC went in the second round -- both from Notre Dame (Jessica Shepard and Marina Mabrey). The third round featured four ACC stars (Carter, Fuehring, Paris Kea and Regan Magarity). The 11 ACC picks were, by far, the largest representation from a conference. The PAC 12 and SEC had four players drafted and the Big 12 three. Five foreign players were also selected.  

It is the first time in WNBA history that a college team's staring five have been selected. Notre Dame had all five starters go in the first two rounds. 

The chance to play in the WNBA for three of Louisville's finest ever. A tribute to the excellent coaching staff on the Belknap Campus. Players reaping the rewards earned by their hard work, dedication and commitment to getting better each day. 

Jeff Walz? Yeah, he's worth every penny and then some. What's that, Matt? He can't coach? 

(Which leads to...)


(The following is Paulie commentary on Matt Bevin's recent slander on social media and on-air of University of Louisville's head women's basketball coach Jeff Walz. It may not reflect the views of the other writers and staffers here at CARDINAL COUPLE...but, that's never stopped me before).

"Put the child down, Matt. Don't eat the baby! BAD MATT!"
Fellow Kentuckians, how does it feel to have the stupidest governor in the United States? 

Matt Bevin just can't seem to control himself, when it comes to popping off about things he has no knowledge of -- or, to get "digs" in on the city of Louisville.

The man must really have something against those who teach. Even teachers who develop college student-athletes here in our fair city. I can't make this stuff up, kids. He really is that much of a moron. 

Bevin took to social media again for his latest "look what an ass-hat I am" foray with this Tweet yesterday. He also popped off on Terry Meiners radio show on WHAS: 

Here is @GovMattBevin's full comments about @CoachJeffWalz on @terrymeiners show if you missed them.
"If he had been a little more focused on game strategy and coaching that weekend and a little less on this kind of silliness, the better team would have won"

Walz wondering what Bevin the Bozo will say next
Uh, Jeff Walz did not get out-coached, dear Matt.

The Cards ran into a UConn team that was on-fire from three-point range, playing in front of their fan base in an arena where they were undefeated and...still...Louisville managed to cut the lead late to two.

Seriously, Bevin, did Jeff Walz "coach" Durr into a rough shooting night at the start of this one? Maybe you should stick to commenting about stuff you know. (I'll get back with you, dear readers, once I find something Bevin is actually knowledgeable about...) 

You didn't see any of this, of course. You were too busy congratulating UK BB players and smiling while UK paid an incredibly stupid amount of money to a coach who hasn't gotten his team out of the Elite Eight in the past five years. You wanna talk about getting "out-coached"? 

Yep. Matt Bevin. College basketball expert. Coaching genius. Our governor. Our disgrace and embarrassment. 

Hey, Samantha Williams just got the EKU job (oblivious to Bevin of course..there is only one university in the state, to his knowledge. and it's somewhere east of Frankfort, he thinks). 

Maybe...just maaybe...Coach Walz can hire Bevin as his new assistant coach to replace Sam W...

Walz could assign him laundry room duty and have him check the inflation levels of the team's basketballs, run towels to sweaty players, refill hydration bottles and sweep the floor after practice. Hand him a player/coach identification guide with a picture next to the name. 

Nah. That might be over his skill level. 

Can we just get this guy out of office? Can we just get this clown to shut up? Go away, Matt. NO ONE is interested in your analysis of coaching proficiency. I know five-year olds with more basketball coaching knowledge than you. 

It's like a little-leaguer telling Albert Pujols how to hit home runs. Just hush, Matt. 



  1. Great, great, great for Asia, AC and Sam! Cardinals representing.

    Bevin coming up on Walz? What the hell does Bevin know about coaching. A definite UK homer who hates any success that doesn't come out of Lexington. I'm glad I'm a Hoosier, he's an idiot.

    Curtis "How many did Matthew Mitchell get drafted?" Franklin

  2. Bevin, just shut up!

  3. Congrats to the seniors. Hope they can make their squads.
    I said earlier this season I thought Arica would be a successful WNBA player for lots of years. Smart, low turnovers, very good defense, and can bury open looks.
    Sam could also, every team needs someone like Sam, a true warrior, does the dirty work.
    Asia, well, saw that WBNA commercial she was in when she was 10 years old, wow, she was destined to be a star.
    Feels good to be a fan of all three today😊
    Surprised that Teaira McCowan went before Kalani Brown.

  4. Note:hard work pays off Congratulations to Aisa AC & Sammi Jean. Let's get some more CARDS the League.
    Go Cards!!!

    1. Just noticed all of Notre Dame starting five got drafted.
      Card's have good chance to win the ACC CHAMPIONSHIP .

    2. Wouldn't want to be in Muffett shoes next year. What do you have? That chubby Prohaska girl, Mikayla Vaughn, Patterson and Cosgrove unproven and some freshmen like Brunelle and Peoples.

      Irish will slip down a few notches, with the Florida States, Miami's and NC States of the league.

      Nick O


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