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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday CARDINAL COUPLE -- Ratings and rankings...McFerran receives FH honors


Al Parrish ranked me as the 39th. best bus-rider on this trip.
Sonja was unranked. (and asleep) 
Yes...dear readers...tis the season for WBB preseason rankings and ratings. The Associated Press has weighed in on the upcoming NCAA WBB season. They think Louisville is the 8th best team in the nation. Before that...Athlon Sports, ESPNW, USA Today and countless others have offered their rankings. Got a laptop, you're an expert.

I talked to the guys who change my oil and provide car maintenance. They think Louisville is seventh. They don't like Tennessee very much. They also rated my car as the 198th. best they've worked on this month. An unofficial poll conducted by the CARDINAL COUPLE Staff Chimps ranked UofL WBB #2 in the nation....going with Syracuse as #1 because they love "Q"'s antics on the sidelines. 

What are the numbers worth?

Sure, they give you a general idea what a group of writers and coaches think about what is going to happen in the months ahead. If a team is high in the rankings, it certainly is useful on the recruiting trail and in generating good fan feelings about the program.

Will it help Taja Cole drive by an opposing guard in conference play...simply by telling her:

"Hey, I play for the 8th best team in the country and you all aren't ranked."

Auburn's football program was considered a top ten preseason program before they played Louisville in Atlanta. The Tigers are 4-4 now. That worked out well, didn't it?

If anything, a high ranking puts a bulls-eye on your team's collective backs when an opponent squares off on you. Beating the 139th. ranked team in the nation? Not so big a deal....unless you're the #245th. ranked. Beating the #3 squad? It'll get you noticed. 

I understand the hard work put into ranking and rating a school. Hours of countless thought had to go into everyone placing UConn #1. And what is the deciding factor that makes a group decide UNC is #22 and George Washington #21? Maybe I'm wrong here...but I think that if the two schools played tomorrow morning, I'd have to go with the TarHeels.

Consider that there are only 52 AP Poll points that separate #6 (Ohio State) from #10 (Maryland). #1 UConn and #2 South Carolina have a 42 point differential. It seems South Carolina gets ranked sky high every season. How many Final Four games have they won in the last 32 years? (Think of a number between...well....0 and 0). 

Coach Walz has a philosophy that it is more important who finishes a game than who starts...if it's a close contest. It's a good philosophy for rankings and ratings as well. 

I'll keep the AP Poll from Nov. 3rd. and look at it on Easter Sunday. For entertainment purposes only.  



UofL Field Hockey freshman goalkeeper Ayeisha McFerran has been one of the biggest and pleasant surprises for the squad this season. Her guarding of the net has provided Louisville with nine shutouts this season. The school record is 10. 

She allowed one goal in 140 minutes of action in Louisville's two wins last week and that performance got her ACC FIELD HOCKEY DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK accolades yesterday. Knowing her, she'd attribute it to her teammates. In any event, Louisville's 13-5 record and #9 ranking is there partially because of her stops, saves and shutouts. 

Louisville faces UNC Thursday at 4 p.m. in the quarterfinals of the ACC Field Hockey Tournament. It'll be on ESPN3. We wish McFerran and the squad the best of luck and a bit of revenge for the beating the TarHeels put on them during regualr season play.

We also have Coach Justine Sowry's thoughts on the conference tournament and beyond that we'll play for you on our Saturday radio show....THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR. To hear the interviews from last week's the link below:



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  1. hi worldwide

  2. Here's a great example of the value of pre-season rankings. ESPNW ranks the Cardinals #9. And in their detailed analysis they fail to mention Briahanna Jackson who, in my admittedly less-than-expert opinion, is a lock to start and may be the best player on the team - based on what I saw Saturday at the practice.

    1. Gotta agree. I basically have no use for rankings, just results. It's why I have a hard time wrapping my arms around the whole recruiting ranking thing. Oh, were in on the 13th ranked player in the Class of 2017? OK. Fine. Where was Angel McCoughtry, the best player in the history of UofL WBB ranked...coming out of high school? Nowhere.

      The prosecution rests, your honor.


    2. I would love to be able to give an opinion from what i saw Saturday but unfortunately our marketing department strikes again as my invitation seems to have been lost in the mail ( even as the owner of 4 paid for season tickets)

      It was not a shut out of me alone as a quick survey of 5 others who hold multiple season tickets resulted in learning that only 2 of them were noticed. Imagine how many people might have been there or how many were excluded if the 2 / 6 contacts holds steady throughout the total.

      It was not a good morning on Sunday to learn of the open practice and other activities by reading my newspaper.

    3. Sounds like someone in marketing has some 'planing to do.


    Wait, that's not how this is supposed to work, is it?

    1. Perfectly OK for acknowledging yourself Worldwide.

      THE Real Joe Hill

  4. Louisville field hockey on ESPN3 Thursday 4 pm

  5. Knowing the kind of guy Coach Walz is, I'd expect he'd welcome any e-mails about unreceived practice invites and would probably set up a time for you to view a practice. You can reach him at


  6. Not the same thing. Can't unring the bell and recreate what was missed.


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