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Saturday, March 21, 2015

BY(Through)...Cards throttle Cougars 86-53 in NCAA first round -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


(Notes written in haste so that Jude or Bria won't pilfer them and run them to the other side of the den.) 

The University of Louisville women's basketball team put four in double figures and had 24 steals in a rout of BYU Saturday afternoon in Tampa. In a game that got a bit "chippy" at times, Louisville physically out-played, out-hustled, out-fought and out-scored the Cougars to advance to the second round of the Big Dance. 

The Cards started slowly...leading only 7-6 after 4 1/2 minutes but put together a 8-0 run to take a 15-6 lead after an Arica Carter lay-in in the paint. The Cards were forcing BYU miscues (8 in the first 6 1/2 minutes) and getting production inside from Myisha Hines-Allen and Shawnta' Dyer. 

Louisville continued to score almost effortlessly against the Cougars...a 20-12 lead with 9:19 to go turned into 24-12 after two UofL steals-for-scores in 21 seconds. Another Carter jumper set the tally at 28-16 Louisville with 6:16 to go in the half and two back-to-back Mariya Moore threes stretched the lead out to 38-20 with 2:48 remaining. 

The Cards took a 38-24 lead into the locker room, Hines-Allen with nine points and Dyer with eight to lead the way for UofL. The Cards had a 20-2 edge in points off turnovers, 14 steals and had forced 17 turnovers. Morgan Bailey was about the only Cougar weapon...with 10 points. Surprisingly, BYU had a 22-15 edge in rebounds. 

UofL continued the onslaught to start the second half. The already aggressive, physical game took a down-turn when Cardinal freshman guard Moore floored BYU's Morrison with a left shoulder to the chin a minute into play. The flagrant+ 1 foul was painful to watch. The two Coach Jeff's exchanged words at the scorers table. A minute later, BYU's Lexi Eaton purposely tripped Bria Smith on a Cardinal fast break. Things were getting chippy on the floor but it didn't slow the Cardinal Express down. 

Hines-Allen put Louisville ahead 45-26 with 15:33 to go and the Cougars' center Morgan Bailey picked up her fourth foul. Hines-Allen would connect again with 13:07 to keep Louisville cruising 52-34. They would continue to expand the lead and BYU was simply being run over by the more athletic Cards.

Schimmel completed her own 7-0 run against the Cougars with a steal and layup (the Cards 19th of the game) to make it 67-42 UofL with 5:48 remaining and the only thing in doubt by then was how many the Cards would win by. A minute later, Eaton picked up a technical foul for slamming the ball on the court after losing it out-of bounds. 

The play-of-the night occurred with 3:55 remaining...Emmonnie Henderson corralling a rebound, leading the fast break and going coast-to-coast... putting in a layup to make it 79-44 Cards. It capped off a 19-2 UofL run and the play even brought a smile to Walz's face. Ariana Freeman gave the Cards their final basket and largest lead of the night when she hit a layup with 24 seconds left for the final 86-53 win.

Hines-Allen led Louisville with 19 points, Dyer added 13 and Jude and Bria had 11 each. 

Louisville will face USF Monday night...a 73-64 winner over LSU in the SunDome in the game after Louisville's win.


Louisville Lacrosse improved to 7-2 on the season with a 15-6 win over Virginia Tech Saturday afternoon in Blacksburg. It is the Cards first win in the ACC.

Faye Brust led the way for the Cards with four goals. Kaylin Morissette added three and had 12 draw controls. 

The Cards jumped out to an early 6-0 lead and took a 8-3 advantage into halftime. Louisville wold score the first five goals of the second half to have a 10 goal advantage at 13-3 before coasting in with the win. 

Louisville travels to Longwood for a Wednesday match next.


Senior Kelsi Jones went 4 for 4 with three RBIs and two runs on the day as the University of Louisville softball team split an ACC doubleheader with North Carolina Saturday afternoon at Ulmer Stadium. The Cards fell 4-2 in game one, but rebounded to take the second game 9-2. Louisville (17-8, 7-1 ACC) and North Carolina (21-6, 6-1) will meet at 12 p.m. Sunday to decide the series. 


Our CARDINAL COUPLE CONTEST for NCAA WBB Selections has turned into a real crowded all-u-can-eat buffet! Seven contestants are tied for first place with a 27-5 selection total. Blue Lou, Paulie, Sonja, Kenny S., Curtis F. K. Starks and Cliff are at the top of a crowded leaderboard. 

Nipping at their heels at 26-6 are Gary W., Jeff Mc, Charlie Mc and Susan C. 

There are five more at 25-7. Thirty two games down, thirty one to go!  



  1. OK Notre Dame, enough with the bonus sports in competitions against us.

    Baseball won, 4-2 over Notre Dame in 18, count them, 18, innings!

  2. Nice to get the win. Great defensive energy. Best this year I think. Hines-Allen looked great. Love watching her work under the basket. She always seems to know exactly where she is and how to finish in traffic. Bria looked great too. Hope she can play that kind of D against USF Jude had another steady game and her hand seems fine.

    That Flagrant One wasn't exactly Mariya's finest moment. It never fails tho. Refs never see the first shot but always see the retaliation. I was having a hard time figuring out how she flattened the BYU kid with her shoulder but whatever. Freshman screw up. Rule number one in that situation...just don't do it. Rule number two...if you're gonna do it don't put the hammer down right in front of the ref. It's just a good thing no one got in E's way on her break away. Woulda been Pancake City.

    Looking forward to the USF game.

    P.S. Hey Gov - How about that 8 - 0 ACC record in the first round? Boom. I'm gonna be nice and not put up what the SEC did.

    1. This is bizarre but I would ALMOST rather beat Kentucky once than advance an extra round in the tournament and go out. That's how much that KY loss this year bothered me.

    2. The only thing I feel bad about for this senior class is that they never beat UK. With the changing of the guard next year my gut is that will be changing. Gonna be fun to watch. In the interim we'll have to live with consistently crushing UK's performance in the tourney.

  3. Had to link to Bria's twitter. Check out the shot the BYU kid takes on her in the vine video. Looks like an MMA move...

  4. Didn't get to watch the game live so just watched the replay.

    That coast-to-coast by "E" - wow!!

    Need to be better offensively Monday - can't count on all the easy baskets after turnovers.

  5. Good point on the easy baskets. They won't be there against South Florida. BYU was rattled more than anytime we faced this year. Jude needs to continue being a scorer to open up the inside. Wish she was more accurate from 3 point land (1-5) but I'll take the 13 points. Bria finally had a great game. See how she does against a talented South Fl team. Normally she doesn't do well against stronger competition and she needs to show up on both ends. I predict South Florida in a close one so that's a good sign we might win!!

  6. The only thing scary about USF is their home court and the refs. Hammond will rebound from her BYU performance and have a strong game. Moore should recover and shoot more efficiently too. Jude and Bria will remain strong and the freshmen crew will bring their freshmen energy to get us the W.

    1. For Mcdonalds All American's Sara and Bria have had below average Senior years. Sara seems to be regressing, then she'll come up with a good game and then go back to a 2-10 shooting game. Guess that is just WBB.

    2. It's tough when a baller doesn't necessarily live up to their pre-college or preseason expectations. Extra tough in a U of L program due to sky high expectations to start with. At the end of the day everybody can't be All World.

      In my opinion this senior class has done an amazing job of leading and integrating this freshmen class talent into a winning club in our first year in the ACC. Not all upperclassmen would be so accepting of uber-talented freshmen who basically end up getting all of the accolades. Says tons for their class and character. Hopefully our freshmen are learning something from our seniors so they can in turn treat next year's freshmen with as much acceptance and class.

      I'll betcha that all of our seniors will be playing like their hair's on fire tomorrow.

  7. Paging MM for Gov.........

    Want to trade that December win for a win today?

    And how about that HOME attendance - 3,320. Embarrassing.

    1. ONLY 3,320? That doesn't make sense. Was the men's team playing at the same time somewhere?

    2. Yes, the attendance and results were disappointing. NCAA ticket cost a lot higher than regular season games and that probably had a lot to do with it.

      Watch out, little Birdies. If you manage to fly over the Bulls tonight you will find a Dayton team that is quicker than you, better shooting than you and goes to the boards with urgency.

      Matthew Mitchell a class act. Players should know better than to break curfew and Azia got the proper punishment. Did it hurt us? Yes, it did. She is our best interior defender. Is it an excuse? No. His team was on the court.

      Still proud of my Wildcats and yes, we are still 1-0 this year against Louisville. I hope you do get a chance to go to Albany but you've shown that you can't stop our dribble drive guards and you'll be schooled by these Dayton Flyers. Makalya Epps played her heart out but it wasn't quite enough.

      Matthew Mitchell For Governor

    3. Nice Sour Grapes post Gov. Spoken like a fan of a club that just got bounced from the tourney because they couldn't bring it on their home court.

      Here's a kitten supporters should worry about your ten loss team, your ongoing performance problems in the NCAAs and the fact that your vaunted SEC is getting crushed this tourney season.

      We'll go ahead and worry about USF. Even in the unlikely event that we don't win tonight at least we we won't have been handled at home in front of a high school size crowd.

      It's kinda amazing how the "third best" team in KY is still standing and everyone else is home laundering their uniforms.

  8. I agree with the Gov. We can't stop their dribble drive guards and suck against Kentucky. Facts are facts. 0-4 the last 4 games vs KY. We have no reason to brag about anything.

    1. I had a response all typed up but out of respect for Paulie I'm not going to put it up because he'd probably bounce me. I'll just say that if you think "we have no reason to brag about anything" then you should probably avail yourself of spaces that are more consistent with your view of our program.


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