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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just How Important is Jude Schimmel to UofL WBB? -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple

"THE" SCHIMMEL on campus could be an impact player

For three years, Jude Schimmel has run as an use horseplayers' terminology. She and Shoni were grouped into one entity that thrilled the women's college basketball world, had the love and admiration...rock star status of the Native American community and were the darlings of social and journalistic media. 

Their ascent into the world of Division I basketball has been highly documented and they've been covered more than any other women's basketball players in the history of UofL WBB. stands as the Schimmel on campus and the question begs...will Jude continue to be a contributing and impact player in her senior year now that "big sis" is out in the real world dazzling the WNBA and being a chief proponent for the Native American youth and way of life? 

We're going to say "Yes!" here...and here's the reasons why. 

1) Skills don't change just because the landscape has. Jude and Shoni had a remarkable chemistry of finding each other on the court, creating unbelievable plays and working as a tandem. Let's not forget...though...that Jude has had three years on that same court with Bria Smith, Sara Hammond, Shawnta Dyer and Sherrone Vails. There is a familiarity present and dazzling assists, steals and turnovers don't cease to exist or pose as a questionable possibility just because people graduate. 

2) She's a shooter, she's a maker. Jeff Walz is fond of saying that he has girls tell him all the time that they are shooters. He tells them that that is fine...but he needs makers.  Jude shot .323 from the three-point arc last season in an offense that had Shoni, Nita and Tia designated as the main trifecta choices. We've got a feeling her attempts will skyrocket in 2014-15 and the percentage will climb as well. In an probable offensive scheme that will stress inside play, we see Jude as that zone-buster that defenses will have to respect and keep a close watch on. 

3) She's a passer, she's a thief.  Walz will also tell you that he needs players to do specific things on a team to contribute to the success of the squad. Jude was second in total assists last season and second in total steals. And, let's not forget that she missed five games with a bum ankle. We think she'll be the paint players' best friend this season and a nightmare for opposing guards. 

4) Is there leadership there?  Last year, you knew whose team is was. Shoni was the on-court general. Yet, look at video from last year. Jude and Shoni conferred quite a bit during stopped possessions. She had to pick up something from sis. Although she's not the brash, outspoken and vocal person Shoni is...Jude is a highly intelligent, knowledgable student of the game. Those are pretty good leadership qualities as well...and we feel that you'll see her take over that 'on the court general' role with Sara and Bria. 

This 2014-15 team will be a fun but challenging squad for Jeff Walz to coach this season. So much talent but nearly 1/3rd of it is so young. One thing Walz won't have to adjust to and tinker with is the steady, dependable court presence of Jude. To coin an old card-players' term...the players may have changed but the game remains the same. We see Jude at the table with a full house and lots of chips in front of her...

Hear Jude talk about "the future" at the link below:




The enigma of NCAA College Field Hockey. The recent NCAA coaches poll was released yesterday. I also went to campus and did a great interview with head coach Justine Sowry before the rankings were release. I boldly predicted that the Cards would move up from seventh to fifth in the rankings...due to winning both games and Penn St. and Duke taking losses.

The Cards were placed ninth. 

Dropping two spots? Seriously? Forget bringing in Dr. Phil to hold an intervention for the Poll voters....bring in a few stand-up comics...because this is nothing but a big joke. Class shows, though and there's still a few games left for Louisville to continue the win and shutout streak. 

They'll probably be rewarded by being dropped out of the top 10 next Tuesday...



  1. I look for Jude to have a big year. The "designated three point shooter" role is there for the taking - hoping she can fill it.

  2. Nice piece on Jude. In her entire life he's only been out from under Shoni's shadow for one season, her senior year in HS and she tore the league up that year. Of course the ACC isn't Oregon WHSBB, but I think she'll shine this year. I wasn't impressed with her shooting last year but she never got enough playing time or reps to really get into a good shooting grove. She'll get a legit chance to show what she can do this season.

  3. Jude will face stiff competition from the freshman guards. Let's see how she responds.

    1. While hopefully some of these freshmen have great skills that will exceed Jude's skills in some areas, Jude has an asset that none of them will have. She knows Walz's offenses and defenses better than any player on the team, and probably better than any player he has ever coached. That is a very valuable asset, and Coach Walz is going to make use of her as a floor general. The better the new players are, the better floor genral she will be. Gary W


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