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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Cardinal Couple -- Briahanna Jackson to transfer to UofL?


- Sophomore UCF guard headed Louisville's way?

- Chillin 4 Charity.

Jeff Walz has a wealth of talent on the 2014-15 Cardinal women's basketball team. It also is rumored he could be in the running for one of the most impressive guards in the nation in UCF's Briahanna Jackson.

Speculation has it that the 5'4" guard from Tampa, FL... who abruptly left the UCF squad in early January 2014... could be interested in the University of Louisville and that a transfer is possible. No official verification or statement of this has been provided by UofL or Jackson...and wouldn't be discussed until the fall sememster starts...but a couple of other sports websites are speculating that this rumor may have some teeth to it.

Jackson caught Conference USA by storm her freshman year. She was the CUSA Freshman of the Year and a CUSA All-Tournament selection. She led UCF in scoring five time in their final season in CUSA and put up 21 points against Louisville on 11/20/12.

The Knights moved to the American Athletic Conference for the 2013-14 season and Jackson got off to a torrid start for Coach Joi Williams' squad. She had double figures in their first four games. She posted 34 points against Georgia State, 28 points against UConn in conference  action and played 38 minutes in a 75-54 loss at Temple on 1/4/14.

Williams announced that Jackson had left the team after 14 games on 1/10/14. Without her, UCF struggled to a 10-20 mark in their first AAC season.

When she would be eligible and how many years of eligibility are questions that...ultimately...the NCAA would determine. Will she be able to walk on the court on 1/11/15 and play the rest of the season? Or would she be a redshirt sophomore for the 2015-16 season and have two years of eligibility? Is she even interested in the Cards?

We do know this...she has the skills to be an important contributor to the UofL WBB squad or any D1 squad whenever she is allowed to take part in games.

Will she enroll in Louisville?  

Some variables are these. When will it be officially announced? When can she start playing? Our guess is that we'll hear nothing until August. Why did she leave UCF? Who else is she interested in? How would she like Louisville winters?

No, she's not 6'5". She's 5'4"...but a guard of this quality transcends height issues. Another attack Yorkie on the prowl.

We'd like to see this rumor become reality. Time will tell.

Speculation is what it is. All basketball programs go through changes every year. Players graduate. Other players replace them. Players leave, players arrive. It's kind of like an airport terminal and the subsequent boarding of a flight. You never really know who the passenger list is until the boarding process begins. We sift through speculation and innuendo quite often here at CARDINAL COUPLE. A lot of it  never reaches the pages of our daily articles. But...on a lazy Sunday in late June...we're looking at this one and deem it newsworthy. If only for debate and discussion issues.

After all, it isn't a dining experience until the food arrives at the table...


This link below is a lot of fun. See UofL players soak UofL coaches for Chillin' 4 Charity and the Kay Yow Foundation 




  1. Interesting speculation, Paulie. I have to wonder, though if it has any credence? The Cards have guards. They'll have guards galore for the 2015-16 season...but they do lose Jude and Bria to graduation. The Cards also have a couple of verbals for 2015 that are guards and in the ESPN Top 60. Freeman and Moore look like they could be good guard potential. Denies will be a senior in 2015. So will Starr Breedlove and Monny Niamke, I think. I get confused sometimes on eligibliity.

    Jackson scored a lot of points for a UCF team that was pretty good in CUSA but wasn't very good in their first AAC season. How would that rank her on a ACC team?

    Blue Lou

    1. Geno loves Jackson. Walz saw what she could do in her freshman year. I hope she goes to Louisville. I would love to see her at the Cuse. You won't hear a peep about this from UofL, tho over the next 6-7 weeks. Good luck Cards. Cannot wait until Q can start beating Walz regularly again. :)

      Cuse fan Stella

  2. What does Cardinal Couple see as a guard rotation for the upcoming season?

    1. These guards return: Bria Smith, Jude Schimmel, Megan Deines, Starr Breedlove, Monny Niamke. Coming in and listed as a guard is Arica Carter. The thought process would have Bria and Jude probably starting...even though both were primarily point guards last season. Bria came in as a "2" and her midrange shot has improved. We'd expect Megan and Starr first off the bench, Monny as a defensive specialist and Arica providing a strong challenge to unseat any of them...based on her high school skills.

      It really matters most who is on the court at the end of a close game, as we all know. Coach Walz and his staff will make these decisions. Having six guards...four who have started at times at UofL who started her freshman season at LWC and one that was a starter and star in high school is a good situation. Remember, also, that lineup changes and floor placement are often based on an opponent's roster. Maybe Walz goes big with Sara, Cortnee, "E" and Shawnta. Maybe he decides to start all-freshmen? We can't say. We can say there is an abundance of talent available to Walz and staff and they'll use it effectively. Coach likes players who can follow a game plan.

      I got an e-mail the other day from a reader that personally assured me Bria, Jude, Myshia, "E" and Sara were Walz's starting five.

      It had a Missouri URL.

      Speculation, speculation....and more speculation.

      If coach called me and asked me to pick the starting five...I'd suggest Bria, Jude, Sara, Shawnta and "E". I'm moving Sara to the wing.

      Chances are virtualy 100% I won't get that call...or lineup.


    2. hey paulie i am glad you arent the uofl head coach you may be right with bria n jude but you got to have dyer sara n syd out there most of the time

      section 117

    3. Paulie - I like your big lineup, but with that lineup we have no three point shooters. Sure, Sara and Jude can knock one down every now and again, but neither can give you a consistent three point threat.

    4. The sad truth of the matter is that UofL's three best 3 point shooters graduated.


  3. L1C4, Card Nation, get out and vote for Shoni as most impressive rookie this season on the WNBA website. Chiney Ogumwike is gaining on her.


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