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Thursday, March 13, 2014


- Vote for Jude or Shoni!

- What we do, why we do it and how you can help.

There is a AAU Contest that involves both the Schimmel sisters for A PRESTIGIOUS AWARD. Follow the link below and vote for one of them. Help one of the two win the James E. Sullivan Award. (We wish they were running as an entry, like at the race track, so we didn't have to choose and decide.)

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Before March Madness gets too fully blown, I wanted to take a day and basically describe who we are, what we do and how you can help.

CARDINAL COUPLE was founded in Jan. 2010 under the premises of providing a Louisville women's athletics website that wasn't University run, fee-free, independent and run by fans under a non-profit status.

My wife Sonja and I started the site and did the majority of the writing in the early days. Sonja now handles the administrative aspects of CARDINAL COUPLE and I am the senior columnist. Somedays more senior than others.

We added a radio show last year. It's been great fun!

We have had some great writers and columnists volunteer their time here to submit articles and be a part of Cardinal Couple over the years. Some are still with us, some are not. Some indicate they may return and we are fine with that. The door is always open. We are also always glad to review and publish reader-submitted articles. E-mail us for more on that. 

I wish we could pay the writers for their efforts. We cannot. We are not built that way. We do not solicit advertisers anymore and operate solely on my own personal investment financially and the contributions of readers/listeners.

I have lost money on CARDINAL COUPLE since 2010. I don't care. Can't take it with you and I REFUSE to start a pay-per-view, premium information concept. I never will...and we'll never provide a message board option either. We tried the advertiser route for awhile. It's a mistake we'll never make again.  

We are independent, free, proud and brave. I gladly give of my time and efforts to provide commentary and observations on what I feel is the best University in the world.
Truth is, about the only way I'd stop doing the website is if the internet vanished.  

We do what we do for love of sport, University and the individuals involved. And, I have met some GREAT people over the years. Seen some incredible things. Been glad to share them with you.

It's how we roll.

If you would like to help us meet the yearly expenses of doing this every day, we have a great opportunity available currently.

For any donation we receive for $12 or more, we'll send or give you a CARDINAL COUPLE T-Shirt. Yeah, we had to outlay some $$$$ to get them made, but we do stand to turn a meager profit...which will be channeled right back into the site to cover expenses and costs...

I hope articles like this are few and far between. If you want to "shut me up"...send a donation, get a shirt.

You can donate via Pay-Pal and we have a link to do so on the right hand side of the site. You can also send us $12 in cash or check and I'll send you a T-Shirt. Mailing address is:

Cardinal Couple
PO Box 91521
Louisville, KY 40291

You can e-mail us at

If you want a t-shirt and want to help us meet expenses...

please consider sending a donation.

We ordered a few dozen of these shirts. We can order more if demand exceeds our supply. Indicate size. M.L,XL,XXL are available.

We hope you clean us out and we have to send in another order for them. (Note: the number in the bottom right IS NOT for ordering.)

It is much appreciated. Thanks for considering helping us stay what we are. We aren't pleading or asking for a handout. We'd just like some contributions to an independent, non-profit website that covers the thrill and excitement of UofL women's sports.

Paul Sykes
Co-Owner/Senior Columnist

Sonja Sykes



  1. A check is on the way for two, my friends. I start the morning with you and a cup of coffee. I will proudly rock the Naples beaches in a Cardinal Couple tee along with the missus. Thank you for what you do.

    the real Joe Hill

    1. Thanks, Joe! I definitely want a picture of Molly in


  2. Just went to pay pal, Paulie. Imagine the looks I'll get over here in Lexington wearing one. I'm a L, BTW. Do they come with a life insurance policy?
    Blue Lou

    1. I'll send you two, Lou...if you can get a picture of Matthew Mitchell wearing one. LOL.



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