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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cards win preseason WNIT with 97-92 O.T. win over O.U.



What a wild and wooly afternoon of basketball in Norman on Sunday...Louisville overcoming a 17-2 early deficit to win in overtime 97-92. Asia Taylor and Sara Hammond were named to the All-Tournament team and Sara was selected the MVP.

This one couldn't have started much worse for Walz's women. Five minutes of cold shooting left Louisville on the short end of a 17-2 opening salvo from Sherri Coale's Sooners.

The Cards started to battle back after 300 seconds of sub-par hoops. Megan Deines' free throw brought Louisville back to within ten at 27-17 with 9:30 left. A 17-8 run got the Cards within one at 35-34. Tia Gibbs' three gave Louisville their first lead of the game with 2:25 remaining and the Cards built upon it...taking a 48-43 lead to the locker room.

Gibbs was unconscious in the first half...with 20 points. The Cards outscored OU 46-26 in the final fifteen minutes of the half and it looked like the rout might be on.

The Cards started the second half strong. 50-40 Cards after the first seven minutes and Louisville increased that to 70-58 on a Shoni three with 8:18 showing on the clock.

Oklahoma wasn't ready to go back to the prairie just yet, though.

A Sooner 10-0 run over the next three minutes pulled them to within two with 5:09 to go. A Shoni three made it 73-68 with 4:40 left. OU rallied to tie it a 73-73 over the next minute. They regained the lead 76-73 on a Carter three and led 83-77 with 1:28 left in regulation.

It looked like game over...but the Cards were not to be denied. Shoni hit a layup and got a free throw. Sara Hammond's two free throws with 51 seconds to go to make it 83-82 Sooners. Aaryn Ellenberg's jumper gave OU an 85-82 lead...but Jude Schimmel went coast-to-coast on a layup to make it 85-84 with 17 seconds. After an OU 1-2 at the line, Jude did it again...driving the length of the court for another layup to tie it 86-86 with 13 seconds on the clock.

Extra session!

OU hit a free throw to gain a 87-86 lead to start the overtime. The Cards rolled off the next nine points...a Nita Slaughter three, Shoni steal and layup, a Jude layup on a Shoni pass and Sara Hammond strong inside gave UofL a 95-87 edge and 1:45 to go.

OU made one last charge...getting to within 95-92 on an Ellenberg three with 32 seconds left. The Sooners then missed two threes over the next 26 seconds and Asia Taylor put the icing on the cake with two free throws with 6 seconds left to provide the final 97-92 Cardinal win.


Louisville shot 42% for the contest and went 9-29 from three point range. A 20-27 effort from the free throw line gave the Cards a 77% stat line.

Gibbs had 23 points to lead Louisville and had eight boards. Shoni added 16 to the scoring stats (all in the final 25 minutes) and Nita buried three threes as part of her 15 points. Asia Taylor recorded a double-double with 10 points and grabs and Jude Schimmel ended up with eight.

With the win, Jeff Walz gets his 152nd of his career at Louisville....which ties him with Bud Childers for the most in UofL hoops history for a coach.

The Cards return to the KFC YUM! Center to face Ohio Thursday night at 7 p.m.


Gotta love the Cards gutty comeback effort after looking like the blowout was on early. It is so good to see Tia Gibbs back and producing like she did three years ago. This win was a road effort early in the season that shows the Cards have multiple weapons...consider Smith and Shoni played a total of eight minutes in the first half and Louisville led by five.

Nervous moments in the end when Sooners went up by six with 1:28 left in regulation for me...but the Cards did what they had to do to force the OT...including attack Yorkie Jude with two un-guarded layups to guide them back.

The questionable move to play this one at OU when Louisville was clearly the higher seed and better squad backfires for the anti-Cardinal WNIT planners and designers.

Put this one in the YUM! and no way that OU breaks out to a 17-2 early lead or comes back to take it to OT. Walz's technical was for stepping outside the coaches box. Thishappens about 80 times a why call it today?

Bad girl
Coale isn't the prom queen we all thought, I guess. A CBS close-up of her during a time out showed her clearly saying to a player in the huddle:

"What the f&%$ were you thinking?"

( Bad girl, BIG HAIR...Yummy.) Ms. Coale has a potty mouth. If the obviously pro-Sooner refs had seen or heard Walz mouth something like that...they would have tossed him from the game and taken him off the court bound and gagged.

Maybe it's a BIG 12 conference thing....those "Girls Gone Wild" WBB Coaches.

And it's still the middle of November. A fun season awaits.



  1. They showed me a lot today, hanging in there against a Top 15 team on its home court with Shoni and Bria in early foul trouble. I can't say enough about the "second team" of Jude, Gibbs, Deines, Dyer and Walton. And Hammond got every rebound in the OT.

  2. Paulie, you can't be surprised to find out a good coach uses what brought her to the game. You wouldn't say anything about a men's coach using profanity. Coach coale is a great coach and just about did us in except she wasnt expecting Ms Jude to take on her whole team! What a great team win and great effort by Sara Hammond! "They just Boom you"

    1. Nothing surprises me anymore. A brass band could take the court and play "Bohemian Rhapsody" while trying to guard Jude on a breakaway and I'd just nod my head and check rebounding stats.

      There were probably kids watching the contest, though...and if they were lip readers as well, they probably picked up on what I did.

      Ms. Coale has a potty mouth.


    2. What a gritty group of young women. Looks like it might be a really great season if all stay healthy. My only fault with the game is Coach Walz not calling a time out when OU started to climb back into the game. Might have been able to stop their momentum.

  3. Since I don't subscribe to Cards TV, this was my first chance to see the team play. My preseason prediction, based on the end of last season, about Jude being a marginal player was competely wrong - she looked stronger, quicker, and she's keeping her body lower when dribbling, which cuts down on the turnovers. Walz continues to baffle me with his substitution patterns - dont know why Smith came back in the first half with two fouls, and don't know why Deines played 23 minutes to Walton's 13, especially during the second half when OK made its comeback.
    Speaking of potty mouths, I don't think Shoni said any naughty words to the ref when she picked up her T; she was just being too helpful. Anyone have a different view?
    --PDX Phil

    1. Pretty sure Shoni didn't say anything that would get her a "T"...just trying to explain her side of it and Felicia Grinter didn't care for the referee 101 instruction.


    2. Which is unfortunate because that was *clearly a traveling violation as Shoni was pointing out. If there wasn't an exploitive or something else to justify the T, then the NCAA and Ms. Printer should be supremely embarrrassed .

      If the NCAA really wants fans to respect the officials as they announce at every game, perhaps there be some greater accountability shown for clearly missed/blown calls like that.

    3. Jeff Walz makes substitutions or lack of them because he knows his team a lot better than we the casual fans do. We also need to remember that is early in the season and Jeff is trying various combinations and patterns that will prove beneficial later in the season.

      What a win! GO CARDS!

      Curtis Franklin

  4. PDX Phil--- You shouldn't doubt me ;-) As I stated when I knew Jude was heading to UL, Jude is actually my favorite of the Schimmels. Hey Phil you ever see Madras Player by the name of Mariah Stacona? You need to keep an eye on her. One thing about this team, is they NEVER give up! Go Cards!!! ---Umatilla23

    1. Hey U23 - I'm glad you were right and I was wrong about Jude Haven't seen Stacona..
      Hope you're doing well.
      --PDX Phil

  5. I was all jacked up about being able to watch them on NBC yesterday only to find out that in spite of my huge monthly cable bill the game wasn't being broadcast by Cox in AZ. So I was stuck with listening to the radio broadcast on Cards TV. Felt like I was transported back to the 1970's. Just about lost my mind.

    Looking at the stats, how did Jude get three blocks?!? In any case a great program win in a difficult road arena. It's amazing that we've got the kind of depth that any of 5 or 6 could go off for 20+ in a given contest. Lots of Love out there for this squad. The native american support in OK was stellar. They love those girls.

    Waltz was right in a recent presser...the value of experienced 5th year seniors can't be overstated and we've got a bunch of them.

    Jude came of age in this game.

    1. Jude got her blocks on Ellenberg, who is about the same height. When Ellenberg drove left, Jude anticipated that E would be shooting a pull-up jumper with her right hand, and Jude was there to deflect the ball. Jude played a smart game on offense and defense.
      --PDX Phil

    2. That's impressive. It would be interesting to get the break down on who was guarding Ellenberg when she scored her 22 points. In any case it's pretty cool that all 5'6" of little sis Schimmel was able to stuff a Wade Watch List baller three times.

      It's impossible to not like Jude's game but she has seemed to fade late in games in the past. This one feels like she really took control when the chips were down which is what we need from our point guards.

      I agree with some of the prior comments. Jude was never going to be a "weak sister". As many of you know, she averaged over 28 ppg in her senior season in HS the year Shoni burst onto the scene in Louisville. She's a Baller.

    3. The game was actually on the CBS Sports Network. It took me awhile to find it also. I tried doing the radio audio and watching but the sync up problem eventually led me to just listening to the TV announcers.

      Beth Mowins and Rebecca Lobo they ain't...


  6. I firmly believe Jude came of age last season, but not everyone believed or saw it.
    We are a better team with her at the point, I believe. I love her consistent, steady, heady play. Shoni gets the oohs and aahs, but I will take the consistency of Jude anyway. By far, my favorite Schimmel!

    1. Jude had some really good games last year. TN & Cal in particular. This year's version of Jude would have performed and responded very differently vs. UConn in the championship game. Her lack of strength / stamina hurt her last year.

      Regardless of the timing we agree that Jude has arrived now. Good for her.

  7. Charges have killed us the past two games. I thought a lot vs Oklahoma were suspect. The one on Tia in OT to foul her out when she hit the shot was a total bogus call. I find it funny that the Oklahoma fans on their forum think they have a better team then we do. We out played them in every category besides FT's. Oklahoma couldn't hit the ocean in the 2nd half so they got FT after FT. What got them back in the game was going to the line 6 straight trips... I feel that the game sunday afternoon will be very similar to when we play UK


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