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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Cardinal Couple - Mothers


-Happy Mother's Day!

WE celebrate the importance and love for mothers once a year, but it is truly 365 days a year that we should. The wonder and beauty of life and birth, nurturing throughout the growing years, the advice and counsel...all the things that represent being a mom and the giving of oneself to the dedication and devotion of cannot simply be put into a one-day-a-year classification.

I think of some of the moms I've have the pleasure to know in the Cardinal women's sports community. I think of Connie Neal, who became a mom while still playing hoops for the Cards. Sonja and I watched UofL games several rows behind Connie's mom and her daughter Carsynn back then...Carsynn dressed as a cheerleader and yelling for mom to play well or just yelling in general. Or, Yuliya Tokova Whitehead...who became a mom after her playing days were ended because of bad knees. The joy and smiles from teammates and coaches seeing these two beautiful young ladies show up to games with their daughters. The radiant smile on Yuliya's face.  

How about Adrienne Johnson's mom? A favorite of mine. It is always so good to see her in the media area before UofL women's games. Despite illnesses, disease and maladies, she is there...always smiling, already ready to give you a hug and so proud of her daughter and the team. Happy Mother's Day to well. If I could "borrow" a mom for the day...since mine is no longer might just be her

16 women who will consist of the 2013-14 Lady Cards basketball team have 16 moms that are there for the cheering and encouragement as they continue their careers as student athletes. They were there for the scrapes, bumps, bruises and frustrations of young ladies progressing in their chosen sport. They will be there still when the degrees are earned, the playing days over and the next aspect of their lives begins.

Tom Jurich's wife Terrilynn...a mom to some great athletes at UofL and standing by her husband's side as he charts a course for UofL athletics. Always cheerful, always stunning looking. If Tom Jurich is the father of UofL athletics, then Terrilynn is the figurative mom.

A good friend of mine's daughter. About to become a mother for the first time. Dealing with the exciting and sometimes bewildering changes in her life as she and her husband prepare to become parents. This skinny, little bashful girl has grown up and is about to become a life-giver.

My mother-in-law. Someone I'm proud to have a great relationship with. A women who is careful with her words and deliberate with the expression of her feelings but still very proud of both her daughter's accomplishments.

My mom. It is hard to believe she has been gone 15 years now. She would not attend my games...fear that she might see me get hurt on the gridiron or hardwood...but would listen for hours to my stories of our successes and failures.

She suffered so much at the end but remained positive, hopeful and encouraging to us boys and her husband.

You raised some pretty good boys, Ma. Thank you. We miss you every day.

Some are pressed into motherhood. Adjusting and adapting to situations where they become moms without giving actual birth. It doesn't mean their love for these children is any less or second hand. Eventually, the children understand this. Children that go on to become mothers.
Feeling of thanks, gratitude and pride for the development and growth of all parties concerned.
The circle continues.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who read these pages. You do so much and ask for so little. You are there in times of joy and disappointment. You comfort, you scold and challenge. You create life, you are the symbol for life, for hope and for love.

Mothers make the world go around. Thank yours and show yours lots of love if she is still around to be thanked. Accept gracefully that thanksgiving if you receive it. Say a prayer and give a thanks for those who are no longer with us in a physical sense. Mothers never really die, as long as we keep our thoughts and love for them present in our minds. You really do miss them when they are gone...I can tell you first hand about celebrate and be thankful for the time you have with them while they are here on earth below with you.
And thank you for being you....moms.



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