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Sunday, March 31, 2013



You saw it. It happened. The Lady Cards play Tuesday night at 9 p.m. against Tennessee.

" She's Brittney Griner, but I'm Shoni Schimmel..."

Shoni's clip below:

I'm Shoni Schimmel

In what may be the biggest upset in the history of the NCAA Women's College Basketball Tournament, Louisville defeats #1 in the nation Baylor 82-81. Monique Reid's two free throws with 2.6 seconds left after a foul by Brittney Griner gave the Cards the lead for good in a game that will go down as a classic in NCAA Tournament play. The Cards survive and advance after watching a 17 point lead shrink in the final 7 1/2 minutes of action. Baylor's 32 game win streak dies. A lot of brackets do, as well...
Cards 16 for 25 from the three point arc. Three starters on the bench fouled out. A technical on Coach Walz that drew the Bears within two. The game had drama, intrigue, rage and finally...a happy ending for UofL. They shocked the world.
Megan Deines put the Cards put 80-76 after the technical but Odyssey Sims, who finished with 29 points, drilled a three with 36 seconds left to make it 80-79. A steal of Louisville's inbounds pass resulted in a foul and Sims hit two free throws to give Baylor their first lead of the game with 9.1 seconds left. That set the stage for Reid's drive to the hoop and the resulting foul on Griner, who had 14 points.
Yes, it was a foul...Kim Mulkey. Griner hammered Mo with the body. I hope they do fine you. You were at the other end of the court. You're asking media what they thought?  
Incredible, unbelieveable and remarkable. It's survive and advance this time of year. The Cards pulled it off. You knew the Bears would make a run and they did...but the University of Louisville held them off. With three starters on the bench.
Cardinal Spirit, you are alive and very well.
(Standings through Sunday night action)
Keith B.
Jeff McAdams
Curtis F.
Steve O.
Nell J.
It's pretty much over for the rest of us. Keith does have a final four pick set of Baylor, California, Norte Dame and Connecticut. Has Baylor and Notre Dame advancing to the title game and Notre Dame winning.
Jeff has Baylor, California, Notre Dame and UConn advancing with Baylor facing UConn in the final and Baylor winning.
Steve O. did pick Louisville to beat Baylor and has a final four of Louisville, Cal, Notre Dame and UK. He has California facing Notre Dame in the final, the Irish winning.
Out of all the entries, only Steve O. and Sonja had Louisville winning over Baylor. Ever the optimist, Sonja has Louisville defeating Notre Dame in the final game. At 33-23, her bracket is way behind the leaders, but she did have Louisville...



  2. Great game plan by Walz. I especially like the way he coached them into nailing 16!!!!! threes. They showed no fear and, if you'll notice, were loose and laughing until the end. I was in Market Square Arena for the 1980 championship and I was in Knoxville for the 1983 Dream Game. Neither compares to this, and I say that in all seriousness. I LOVE these women!!!

  3. Wow!Wow!Wow! Do you believe in mircales!!!! Ladies played a great game and loved watching them have fun doing so. Coach Walz frustrates me in the regular season with some loses that make you scratch your head every year but come NCAA tournament his teams have got to be one of the toughest outs.. 13-4 in the NCAA. Enjoy the win but we stil have unfinished business left.

  4. WOW!!!! WOW! WOW! NDN COUNTRY IS CELEBRATING!! I LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSING PROJECTS AS SHONI AND JUDE DID, AND WHEN THE LADY CARDS WON EVERYONE IN THE PROJECTS WERE WAR HOOPING LOUD!! STRAIGHT FROM THE UMATILLA REZ! I hope they keep winning, but I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET THIS WIN!!! NEVER! And Jude, really suppose to be a freshman this YEAR!! vs one the best in college bball held her own! THE WHOLE TEAM did awesome! Slaughter tore it up as well. And that trick shot over Griner LOL! Wow! And coach Walz... lol Nevermind we WON!!! Tell Walz about a Sophmore Guard in Madras Oregon, she's the real deal, youtube Mariah Stacona, Native from WarmSprings Rez.----UMATILLA23 well I got an google profile now lol

    1. Mariah Video from YouTube:

    2. You folks should be proud. Shoni brought it all night long. Jude had her challenges but was perfect from three. Without the Shimmel sisters we don't win that game.

      That's as close to pure Rez Ball as I have ever seen in a NCAA tourney. It was a beautiful thing.

  5. I love the ESPN photos of Shoni not backing down from Griner or Sims. Classic. She looked like a warrior.

    1. Shoni during post game interview: When asked about her per-game belief that she could go up against Brittney Griner she said, "She's Brittney Griner but I'm Shoni Schimmel". That could become a classic warrior quote for years to come.
      Sandy W.

    2. It will be for all of us. That's for sure.

  6. It will be tough to beat Tennessee. Such an emotional game

  7. Anonymous....really after taking down the NUMBER 1 team for the last two years??? Our Women's team are the toughest bunch of broads you ever want to meet on the court! Game faces on for the entire game, no give up, no backing down. The double technical was crazy but that where emotions get the best of you. Shoni Shimmel is the baddest player on the planet today, and she lead her team from beyond the bench. My emotions for this team is beyond Pride, its overwhelming what we all feel as fans. This Team, this year has gone beyond anything we have all seen, including watching Angel do her thing. What courage, what guts, WHAT a team! Go Cards....Tennessee will be easy compared to this!!

    1. FYI - Sandy W.
      Louisville scored 56 of its 82 points outside the paint, outshooting Baylor 57.1 percent to 25 percent on such shots. All of Baylor's made field goals were in the paint or from 3-point range. [-]
      Louisville vs Baylor
      Outside the Paint Shooting
      Louisville Baylor
      Pts 56 18
      FG pct 57.1 25.0
      3-pt FG pct 64.0* 35.3
      *Louisville's Antonita Slaughter scored all 21 of her points from the 3-point lineCLOSE [X]
      Stats by ESPN Stats & Information

  8. Regarding the charge taken by Sara and Kim M. Complaints: Both players fell with the shooter missing her shot. Sara was clearly the first to the spot and in place when the shooter hit her. So if not a charge, what was it? With Sara in position it could not be a block and with the shooter also falling and missing the shot it could not be a no call. Kim would also have had a stroke over a no call which left the only possible correct call to be a charge. You lost Baylor - get over it and stop blaming everyone else for the 19 point hole you found yourselves in. Card nation has spoken

  9. I watched the mens' game and DVRd the women's game. Intended to watch it uninterrupted after the mens' game ended. Told my wife I didn't want to know what was going on. So I'm watching the beginning of the game, we're up of course, and my wife comes into the room literally in tears and says "we're up 10 at the half." Needless to say I watched the second half live. Then I watched the whole game again late last night, replaying the good parts (and there were many) several times. Think I'll watch it again this morning.

    This is a program-changing win. How about another one tomorrow night?

  10. 24-14 in fouls. What's your point, Kim Mulkey? Shoni, Hammond and Slaughter on the bench and Vails with four and the Cards still win! Regardless of what happens Tuesday night, this team will go down as the most remarkable, amazing squad in UofL women's basketball history.

    She may be Brittney Griner, but I'm Shoni Schimmel.



  11. Had to re-watch it before commenting. How many adjectives can I come up with to describe it? NOT ENOUGH!!!
    Not gonna lie, tuned in with the score 8-4 and really never went back to the men's game as they had it in hand by then. Felt something special was brewing and it was!!! Great game plan to take Griner out of it. I already had a feeling that we would be launching a lot of 3's, just didn't think we would be as efficient as we were. 64%!!!
    Definitely the greatest win in Louisville Cardinal basketball history! And with that win, there is no reason to think we can't win the next one and advance to another final four!
    Proud of this team, proud to be a fan!

  12. Hey, just wanted to stop by and congratulate your Cards on the win. It was an exciting game to watch. Kentucky and Louisville in the great Eight. Dare we dream of a final game match up of Louisville and UK?

    I'd go into battle with Shoni Schimmel anytime. Congratuations again, Cards.

    -Matthew Mitchell for Governor-

  13. Way to represent the BIG EAST and your school, UofL! A Husky fan but awfully proud of you!

    Sarah N.
    Bristol, CT

  14. Huge picture on the front page of Sports Section of today's Oregonian, the only state-wide newspaper here, of the iconic shot of Shoni getting in Griner's face (more like her armpit) after Griner took out Shoni's legs on that circus shot. Here's the caption and the blurb for the photo:
    Louisville's Shoni Schimmel (23) has a chat with top-seeded Baylor's Brittney Griner after the former Franklin High star scored on a twisting layup and was fouled during the second half in Oklahoma City."
    Gotta love Coach Kim's comical wardrobe malfeasance. Guess she was too busy redressing herself to remind Griner to stay in the paint on the Cards' last possession. Heads up by Mo to scream for the ball and for Shelby to get it to her, and Baylor was completely discombobulated on D.
    Can some please tell me what number Shoni's shot was on the SC top 10?
    PDX Phil

    1. Mindbogglingly, from what I hear, it didn't make the SC Top 10 at all. How this is the case I'm totally mystified.

      Did anyone see the SC Top 10 today? I didn't have a chance to. Can you share with us what the plays were? Surely, they must've been epic if Shoni's "and-one" didn't make the cut.

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