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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Cardinal Couple - How much is too much?




We've had several e-mails here at CARDINAL COUPLE over the last 36 hours that addressed the 106-32 Louisville WBB win over Wagner College Friday night. Most were high praise for how the Cardinal team or specific players played, but a few of them touched on the subject of blow-outs.

When does a game become a blowout? How much is too much? In high school football in some states, they let the clock run continuously when an opponent commands a 42-point lead over the foe. There is no such rule in women's college basketball. Does there need to be?

74 points is a lot to lose by. It obviously isn't much fun for the team on the short end of the score. The team in the lead usually tries to do what they can to soften the blow by putting in their bench players. In Louisville's case Friday night, Jeff Walz had four of those available...but all four have seen considerable action this season. It's wasn't a case where he had 10 players sitting there to choose from, like Rick Pitino has on the Louisville men's squad.

We don't think the Cards purposely "ran the score up" on Wagner...but some of you obviously disagree. Several examples have been pointed out to us...the most common were Vails three with less than a minute to go Megan Deines layup with seconds remaining.

We want to know what you think. What is a blowout? How big a margin is too big. How do you "take your foot off the gas" in a case like Friday night? Please send your e-mails to us at :

or leave a comment in our comments section.

And, Happy Festivus to all! It is the 23rd. of December. Get out the aluminum pole, plan the Festivus dinner tonight, air your grievances and perform the feats of strength!

Festivus for the rest of us. Can the commercialism of Christmas and allow the Festivus miracle to take place...


  1. Wagner knew when they scheduled UL that it would probably be a lopsided score. Only thing to be said is if you don't want to get blown out, either don't schedule those games, or play better defense and offense. Most of these schools take the blowout and the paycheck. Can't tell players on the team with the advantage to stop shooting or stop playing defense, as many times they are practicing their own schemes.
    There is NO crying in college basketball!

  2. I think Louisville went too far. They should have just held the ball the last several times down court, or practiced a 30 second stall, like they might do in protercting a close lead against a better opponent.

    Blowouts are no fun to watch and the other team on the lower end of the point total feels horrible.

    There may be no crying in college basketball, but there is a thing called sportsmanship.

    -- Joe Hill --

    1. Then why not just throw the ball to the other team and then play no defense while they score? Why not just play 3 against 5? Most teams usually play reserves in these situations, and you cannot ask those reserves to not want to get in the record books by NOT scoring, or rebounding, or getting assists, etc. In UL's case, they play EVERYBODY anyway, so it's not like they have those type reserves (walk-on practice players) to throw in there.
      Again, I say if you don't want to get blown out, either play better, or don't show up.
      And don't expect the other team to NOT continue playing, and playing hard.

  3. You play till the whistle or buzzer.

    Curtis Franklin

  4. Thanks to all that have commented and e-mailed us on this subject. It looks like a slim majority of you are letting us know that blowouts are acceptable and to be expected when one team is much better than the other. This was obviously the case Friday night and several of you have mentioned that these can be learning experiences for the losing squad.

    Thanks again and keep those e-mails and comments coming.


  5. As a former player on the collegiate level who was involved in blowouts both good and bad, it's no fun to be down thirty or forty and plenty of time left on the clock. All you can do is just work on your game and the things you practice. I never wanted an opponent to let up, though. It would have been demeaning to us.

    Miami, FL.


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