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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Cardinals in the ACC -- Softball Edition -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Hello Tuesday and dear reader, 

No its not quite the weekend yet, but it is Daryl checking in early since the Bats are in town.  We won't quiz you who had each day at the end of this week... but we did switch it up based on vacations as well as some news from our favorite programs. Or, I suppose you could see it as Daryl's normal Friday article is three days early or four days late.

We promise to explain it all to Paulie on Sunday, somehow in the mix, he won't be writing the rest of the week. We apologize to his fan club in southern Idaho. 

Today, I'm continuing my mini series (Cards in the ACC) with our next UofL program, (and one we've got some more news out of this week... keep reading) the ones on the diamond, Louisville Softball!


Vs Boston College 13-6 series history (2015-2023)

Vs Clemson 1-6 series history (2021-2023) 

Vs Duke  4-8 series history (2018-2023)  

Vs Florida State  7-19 series history (2002-2023)  5-16  since joining the ACC

Vs Georgia Tech 12-5 series history (2013-2023) 11-5  since joining the ACC

Vs NC State  15-10 series history (2004-2023) 13-10  since joining the ACC

Vs. North Carolina  11-12 series history (2004-2023)  8-11 since joining the ACC

Vs Notre Dame  18-28 (2002-2023) 4-16 since joining the ACC

Vs Pittsburgh  25-5 series history (2006-2023) (16-3 during the Holly Aprile @ Pitt Era 2009-2018)  (6-1 during the Holly Aprile @ UofL Era) 11-4 since joining the ACC

Vs Syracuse  29-12 series history (2006-2023)  16-4 since joining the ACC

Vs Virginia  20-4 series history (2008-2023) 17-3 since joining the ACC

Vs Virginia Tech  8-16 series history (2002-2023)  7-13 since joining the ACC

(Maryssa Becker - queen of the circle)

2023 record  36-20 (16-7 in the ACC)
2022 record  27-25 (10-14 in the ACC)
2021 record 21-28-1 (15-21-1 in the ACC)
2020 record 10-13  (Covid Year)
2019 record 35-23 (12-12 in the ACC)
2018 record  33-20 (10-12 in the ACC)
2017 record  31-19 (14-8 in the ACC)
2016 record 35-17 (15-8 in the ACC)
2015 record  30-19 (16-7 in the ACC)  

Aprile guided the 2023 Cardinals to a 36-20 overall record - the most wins since 2014, the season before the Cards entered the ACC.

ALL ACC Awards

2023 - Louisville's Sarah Gordon was selected as Freshman of the Year. Korbe Otis and Gordon named All ACC First team, Gordon and Alyssa Zabala named All Freshman team.

2022 - Carmyn Greenwood named All ACC First team, Korbe Otis named All Freshman team

2021 - Taylor Roby All ACC First Team

2020 - COVID Year (no awards designated) 

2019 - Charley Butler All ACC Freshman Team

2018 - Megan Hensley and Sidney Melton All ACC First team (Holly Aprile wins ACC Coach of the Year at Pitt) Maddy Newman All ACC Freshman Team

2017 - Nicole Pufahl,  Maryssa Becker, Morgan Meyer, Jordan McNary All ACC Second team Caitlin Ferguson All ACC Freshman team

2016 - Maryssa Becker All ACC First Team and the 2016 Atlantic Coast Conference Softball Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

2015 - Maryssa Becker All ACC First Team

Coach Aprile recognized 

(Coach Aprile smiles, upon receiving news she's going to pitch the next inning) 

Holly Aprile, the Head Softball Coach at the University of Louisville, has been announced as The Leadership Playbook 2022-2023 Collegiate Coach of the Year as announced on June 25. The award seeks to honor coaches who maximize success, value growth, and make a positive impact on those they are entrusted to lead.

"We're thrilled to recognize Coach Holly as an example of what a coach should be," said Bechler. "Not only did she lead her team to the NCAA Tournament this season, but she had an impact on her student-athletes. She's well-respected in the softball community for her professionalism, character, and leadership."

Softball picks up another in the portal 

Aprile has announced that Riley Frizell will join the Cardinals after three seasons at the University of Missouri.

Frizell, a rising senior from Willoughby, Ohio, helped Mizzou to reach the NCAA postseason each of her years with a Super Regional showing in 2021 and back-to-back regional appearances in 2022 and 2023. Throughout her time with the Tigers, she played in 109 games, with 49 starts in 2023. She has also tallied 10 home runs, four doubles and a triple with 39 RBIs and 23 runs scored. The first baseman registered a .990 career fielding percentage at Missouri.

Over and out, everyone.  I'll be back on the other side of the 4th of July holiday. 

As Always, 
Go Cards! 


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