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Thursday, February 2, 2023

National Girls and Women in Sports Day - Thursday Cardinal Couple

National Girls and Women in Sports Day

We've seen the day celebrated with multiple women's basketball teams in the past week or so, UofL WBB celebrated the day with a loss, alas, to NC State.  A week later, we visited Syracuse when they were celebrating the event, and then they lost.  But let's not get hung up on win-loss records associated with it.

NGWSD began as National Women in Sports day thanks to a joint resolution in Congress in 1986.  President Ronald Reagan proclaimed it the next year.  It was originally resolved and proclaimed to take place on February 4th and the first observance also served to recognize Flo Hyman, a volleyball player with the National Team that had died the previous year from Marfan's Syndrome.

(Duke got creative with their poster)

In 1989, the event was renamed to National Women and Girls in Sports Day, and over time, the order was reversed to be what we now call National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

Originally, the resolution and proclamation stated that it would be celebrated on February 4th, but again, along the way, it has now come to be the first Wednesday of February.

UofL Athletics social media put out various videos with players sharing what sports has meant to them, which you can find if you scroll down in the widget on the right side of the site.

I think I speak for all of us who are writers at Cardinal Couple in saying that we are proud to be at least a small part of supporting and highlighting girls and women in we say it, "Sharing the joys and excitement of UofL women's sports."

Volleyball International Trip

Hey, speaking of that WBB game vs NC State and celebrating NGWSD, as part of that celebration, UofL recognized the UofL Volleyball team's success during the game and they were in the lobby signing autographs before the game.  I took the opportunity to stop by and say hello to the squad and picked up a tidbit of news from Coach DBK.

The UofL Volleyball team will be taking an International trip in June to Brazil.  These types of trips are not uncommon for teams to take, they're allowed to do one of these every five years.  These trips typically include exhibition matches against various local teams.  In many of these trips, that can include the national team of the country being visited.  I don't know if the UofL squad will get to play against the Brazilian WNT, but that would be quite amazing if they do.  The Brazilian WNT in volleyball is traditionally at the top tiers of International Women's Volleyball.

We don't have many details at this point about the schedule and agenda.  It will be in June, and all five of the signed and incoming freshmen are going to be able to go on the trip as well.

The squad had been set to take an international trip a couple of years ago, but it fell victim to the Covid year.

If I understand correctly, this trip is in addition to the typical spring schedule that UofL plays in Volleyball, but we don't have any information about such a spring schedule yet, so no guarantees.

-- JMcA

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  1. Hey big shout out to all the women in sports you are greatly appreciated thank you so much.


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