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Thursday, October 6, 2022


Women's Soccer Hosts Clemson

For the first time in nearly a month, Louisville women's soccer returns home to the friendly confines of Dr Mark and Cindy Lynn Stadium. They'll welcome Clemson for a 7:00 p.m. kickoff. You can catch this on ACC Network Extra.

Louisville enters the match with a 4-4-2 record. They dropped to 1-3 in the ACC after three straight conference losses on the road to ranked teams.

Clemson brings a 5-4-2 overall record and a 1-3 conference mark to the match. The Tigers took down Notre Dame before falling to Wake Forest, Florida State, and NC State.

Caroline Conti has been the go-to player on offense for Clemson. The senior has tallied four goals and 11 total points. She is tied with teammate Renee Lyles for top on the team with three assists. In goal, Halle Mackiewicz has been strong. She's logged 34 saves with a .694 save percentage.

The Cards have scored just two goals in the last six matches. They scored eight goals in the four matches prior to that. UofL hopes to reignite their offense.

Louisville and Clemson haven't competed against each other often, but the Cards hold a 2-1-1 series advantage.

Louisville will recognize women in sports during the match tomorrow, per their social media accounts.
These eight areas will be honored: 

  1. Softball
  2. Women's Golf
  3. Swimming and Diving
  4. Lacrosse
  5. Ladybirds
  6. Cheer
  7. Women SPAD Professors
  8. Women SPAD Association members

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!


  1. Who are the women in sports being recognized. ?

    Nick O

  2. OK, fine. They recognize a few women. Here is what stinks. U of L spent more than 13 times as much on equipment for men’s basketball as it did for the women’s team, $327,000 versus $24,000. If UofL is going to do anything, they might "even things up" in dollar support. Yes, I know the age old argument about men's sports being a bigger revenue draw for an athletic program. Sure. You think this current football team, where the fans are screaming for a firing of coaches, is more popular than Volleyball or Field Hockey? And look where Volleyball plays. There are bigger high school gyms in town. If you as me, pay up or shut up.

    I do like what Cardinal Couple does here. And, you're doing it with men and women reporters. Does UofL administration even know you exist?

    Call me:

    A pissed-off women's sports fan

    1. I won't speak for today's article writer or anyone else on the Cardinal Couple staff, but, equality in $$$$ in long overdue, in my opinion, but will continue to be shoved tothe back of the line by those who allocate such funding. "Success be damned, it's women's sports" seems to be the catch phrase on campus.

      Weare known and get help from most of the assistant SID/s on campus. I doubt our current AD has any idea who we are. The Deputy AC/Senior women's administrator has never said more than a paragraph full of words to me in the 18 years I've been writing about UofL sports. We were known and recognized by Tom Jurich and Julie Herrmann for what we did. Since then, it's been a wall of silence -- except for me knowing Vince Tyra on a social level . I used to have to fight each year for a media pass. Finally, the assistant SID's went to bat for me. And, they're the ones down on campus I deal with mostly, anyway.

      Does that bother me? Nope. As long as I continue to get media passes, my photographer is allowed access and I get to chat with coaches and players, then I'm able to live up to this site's mission statement. We cover the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports.


    2. You all are more insightful than anyone out there on UofL women's sports. Keep doing what you do. If those on those lofty clouds fail to see what you do, then they have convenient blindness. Let your success be their headache.

      We're driving back to Naples later this morning. Our house is still standing, but that's about all I know.

      The Real Joe Hill

  3. I see Anouk Denton is over in England and won't be there tonight. Who does Ferguson-Dayes insert for her?

  4. Here are some very meaningful words when it comes to UofL athletics:

    There is a huge financial hole and mess that I'm not even sure Jurich could fix at this point. But I'll tell you how the fixing process starts...

    Your athletic department acknowledges what it has been and the mistakes it has made. It outs clowns like Grissom and Pizza Guy for the damage they started and which continues.

    Your management apologizes for its sins and oversights, and it takes corrective action or at least promises to. Those apologies are directed at fans, donors, former athletes, and the people and businesses in this community.

    Included in that is the open embrace of Ramsey, Jurich, former coaches and staff, and others who have been wronged and in many cases dragged through the mud the last 5-10 years.

    It should come with a complete house cleaning at the management level since, at a minimum, few of these people know what they're doing. And at worst, some may have been put in their jobs with an agenda. You don't know who they are, the operation sis pitiful anyway, so out goes everyone.

    A qualified and trusted AD should be put in that job, another interim if necessary. (WTF is one more interim at U of L anywhere nowadays?)

    This used to be a proud and successful athletic program. Now, it's run by inflated egos and lack of knowledge. I'll give the new director of athletics a couple of years to right the ship, but I feel for the coaches, student-athletes and fans who will suffer during this period. I just hope and pray they don't **** up women's sports. They're the only shining star on campus and deserve much more money.

    But, that money will never come over to the women's side. The "good ol' boys" would NEVER allow that. They're too busy plugging leaks and bailing water in a football program that is sinking.

  5. There's an old saying that goes "Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a good carpenter to build one."

    I hope the jackasses stay out of UofL women's athletics and their funding increases.

    The women produce top 10 programs. The men's side lost the ability to do that, for the most part, years ago.

    Maybe one more thumping by UK Football will get that across. Painful as hell, but proves the point.

    Blue Lou

    1. Mack, Satterfield and Kragthorpe back that up.


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