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Tuesday, May 31, 2022


Hello readers!   

It's Daryl checking in on the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend.   It was my luck to work at my 9-5 so its still a 5-day work week for me. As graduations wrap up and vacations begin for the summer months, the sports seasons are dry but the hype is real looking ahead.  

The 'Reason for the Seasons'

THANK YOU to those who have served our country and lost their lives for it.  It takes a brave individual to put on those uniforms every day to make sure we are secure.  We appreciate those who serve.  

Cardinal Couple Family

A huge shout-out to Paulie for covering our daily check-ins on here when any of us are unable.  Between the five of us, seven days in the week and twelve D1 sports to cover, Paulie leads the charge to make sure everyone is happy.  

When I think about my involvement with UofL athletics, a lot of my time and energy has shifted over the last year.  I appreciate Paulie giving me the outlet to continue to cover my favorite team but also the freedom to take care of business when I need to.   I am a proud Cardinal Couple contributor and naturally part of a "cardinal couple". 

My long-time boyfriend and I are huge UofL fans and most of our partnership revolves around the Cards.   Game days spent with friends, trips to road games make life-long memories.  We also love watching actual cardinal birds when we see/hear them.  We like to see who can find it first when we hear them call.  (You can Youtube "cardinal calls" if you can't recognize them yet, its very recognizable!) It's a fun game we play.. its satisfying to finally find that red spot!

Out of Office

I did spend the weekend at the Waterfront for Forecastle.  I haven't yelled at anyone to get off my lawn yet, but I did have several of those 'becoming your parents' moments while I was down there.  

I usually go with the jersey/sport look for this festival as do a lot of those who attend but the WNBA/Women's names rarely make an appearance.  As you can imagine, the thrill I experienced when I saw Jack Harlow come on stage with the Hailey Van Lith jersey.  I did spot another person with a white HVL t-shirt jersey who deserves a shout-out as well, so major shout-out HVL for making an appearance in this year's festival fashion which has now flooded social media from Jack's performance.  

Summer Fun Ideas...

Not sure if you can make a big trip this summer with gas prices looking like they have been?  Below are some short trips up to Indy that can be made to see a couple former Cardinals in WNBA actions.  I got my eye on that match-up with the Sky for sure!  From what I can tell from social media, the players look to be pretty available for pics/autographs after games too! 

Mystics at Fever Tuesday and August 12
Emily Engstler coming off a 13 point, 9 rebound performance on Friday vs LA Sparks 
Myisha Hines Allen coming off a 26th birthday on 5/30

Liberty at Fever June 10 

Sky at Fever June 19 and July 7 

Have a great Tuesday! 

As Always, Go Cards! 



  1. We have several bird feeders and it is a lot of fun watching the various birds fly in to munch on sunflower seeds and suet. The Cardinals, blue jays and various wrens are fascinating. Blue jays are bullies, though, and are quite loud and bossy.


  2. Y'all should really be thankful that Paulie does what he does. I know from conversations with him that there is a lot more involved with Cardinal Couple than just sitting down and typing a few paragraphs.

    Curtis " Somewhere in Iowa....what day is it?" Franklin


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