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Wednesday, December 1, 2021




With basketball taking the court Thursday and NCAA Volleyball beginning for the Cards on Friday, let's take today to look at and marvel just how great, how far and how exciting this volleyball season has been.

There is no question or doubt that Louisville Volleyball performed better than any other DI team in the nation during the regular season. It's now time to finish the job and go get the next mission -- an NCAA Championship. 

A team that is composed of so many different aspect of excellence in player personnel. Veterans who have been there since the start of the Dani Busboom Kelly era. Transfers added who have provided invaluable help, depth and talent. Freshmen and sophomores who have come in and performed brilliantly in their roles. A wonderful mixture of student-athletes who have jelled into an unstoppable force. Fitting that they sometimes wear the camouflage uniforms.


A unit on a mission. A mission that still has one objective left. To enter the post-season, win six matches and become National Champions. 

A squad with so much talent that they have to be an enigma to opponents. Just how do you stop them? If you try to shut down one aspect or player on this Cardinals squad, someone else always steps up to take the role of leader and factor in defeating the foe. 

A group that deserves your full attention, love support and backing. Forget about the football personnel changes/quandry for a few weeks. Re-focus from the return of a basketball coach. Share the love you have for a strong and talent women's basketball squad for a few weeks with the bonafide powerhouse of the 2021-22 season so far. Kindly divert your attention to THE program on the Belknap campus that is the news, that is the story and that is unmatched..

Louisville Volleyball. 

Remember the names. Jones, DeBeer, Stevenson, Hendricks, Scott, Chaussee, Dilfer, Tillman, Rush, Mbonu, Bartlett, Smith, Kong, Cresse, Stander, Morningstar, DeMarcus and Vasilou. All in, all united and one force. 28-0 overall. 18-0 in an ACC that sent six teams (almost 10% of the 64-team field) to "the dance". Salute and be proud of the genius of Dani, Dan, Chamberlain and their staff. 

A tram that proved to be better than Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, the Big Ten, Big 12, SEC and all points between. Doing it on the road, and in an arena 1/10th the size of where hoops performs. 

Join that loyal fanbase hat has been there with them  every step of the way. We're "all in" here at Cardinal Couple -- Jeff and Jared never miss a home match, Case and Daryl follow intently and proudly on internet and TV and your senile, old columnist here Paulie tries to keep you up and informed on social media. Join us, won't you? 

There is a song out there, composed and recorded all the way back in 1983 that comes to mind. A song written before several of the Cardinal Couple staff were even born. Based primarily on basketball, the meaning is still relevant today. Rick Bartlett and Trese Osbourne with the Bobby Lanz Band. A song called Catch That Cardinal Spirit. Yeah, maybe not all the words apply directly to Louisville Volleyball in this song, but the general theme and idea is relevant. "We got it, and we want you to hear it."  And, SPREAD IT !!! Join the party. 


I invite and encourage you to "catch that spirit" for Louisville Volleyball, if you haven't already. It's one heck of a thing to have and experience. I can't wait for Friday to get here,,,,how about you? 




  1. Amen Paulie. Preach it. I'm all in, how about you?

    Nick O

  2. Tough tests ahead but let's flip the switch and say it's a matter of tough test for the upcoming Cards opponents. This will be a team I'll remember a long time. UIC must be thinking...*what did we do to deserve this?"

    Curtis "Be Kind`Franklin

  3. Showing my age but I saw Rick Bartlett perform that song at a Louisville pep rally years ago GO CARDS !!!

    Blue Lou.


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