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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

. #6 in AP preseason poll -- Plumb ACC FH Off. Player of the Week -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE



We know women's basketball season is drawing closer when the AP releases their first poll of the season. Their first preseason poll was released yesterday and the University of Louisville's women's basketball squad was placed sixth by the voters. 

South Carolina was #1, followed by UConn at #2, Stanford getting #3, Maryland landing at #4 and North Carolina State ending up at #5. 

(What? You want ME to vote? Aw, heck no...) 

This poll has 29 ballots, and out of those...South Carolina received 14 first place votes, UConn 10 and Stanford 5. 

The Cards are one of five ACC teams voted into the top 25. Beside Louisville and NC State, FSU checks at #15, Georgia Tech at #17 and Virginia Tech at #24.

So, it's out there, now. What does it mean? Not a whole lot -- other than the opinion of certain sport-writers and broadcasters across the nation. No one from Cardinal Couple was invited to submit a ballot of their top 25, which is probably a good thing.-- since we probably would have thrown "the curve" off and had Louisville higher in our ballot and dropped Kentucky lower.

 Especially if Jared had been given the vote. 

(Is she expressing her displeasure over the poll?) 

Speaking of the Cats, they checked in at #13 for second-year coach Kyra Elzy. Yes, Rhyne Howard is still in Lexington. 

Obviously, it doesn't matter where you are in preseason -- the goal is to make the NCAA Tournament and do well. And, you do that by winning games, not gathering votes. Strength of scheduling being a arbitrary measuring can play the "best of the best" and go 5-22. And, all that gets you is a participation trophy from someone. Winning is objective #1.  Yes, winning  games and gathering  votes can go hand -in-hand.  But,  gathering  votes doesn't  make you win. 

I've heard from several Cardinals fans since the poll was released and... all of them thought the Cards should have been a top five vote getter. As Jared Anderson says: "it's OK, we'll just sneak up on them." 


"Nobody voted for us? I can't believe it !!"

Looking at the top 25, Louisville has a few games against the "rare air" dwellers. Obviously, they'll face the ACC foes, which adds up to four. The Cards also will play #22 Arizona, #11 Michigan, #2 UConn and #13 Kentucky. The Arizona and UConn games are listed as being at neutral sites (tell me, Uncasville, CT's Mohegan Sun Arena really a neutral site? Yeah didn't think so.) The Cards will host UK and Michigan, 

Here's the thing:  The polls change weekly once the season gets underway. All the jockeying for position is solely based on how well a team is doing against their opponents. An early NCAA Tournament projection (yes, those are already being circulated) has the Cards and NC State as #2 seeds, FSU as a #4 seed, Georgia Tech as a #5 seed, Virginia Tech as a #6 seed, Notre dame as a #7 seed and Duke as a #8 seed. 

Let's keep that on the back burner and see how that works out for everyone at the end of the season, shall we? . 

As far as conference alignments (as least for this week, those are always subject to change), The Pac 12 has five schools in the top 25, So does the ACC and Big 10. The SEC checks in with four, as does the Big 12. The Big East has one and the AAC one. 

Do I have a top five or top 10? 

 No. It's too early.

 If a squad needs a high ranking to promote bragging rights, just how confident are they in their own abilities and skills?  You play the games and prove it on the court. Quiet but as used confidence is probably  a much better  thing than bragging,  anyway.

Scoreboard doesn't lie. 



This just in...Hailey Van Lith has been named to the ALL-ACC pre-season team. And Payton Verhulst to the ACC Newcomer Watch List. 

You gotta love it. 


Louisville Field Hockey is #4 in latest DI poll, speaking of polls. The NFHCA is a coaches poll, and I tend to give a little more credence to those coach-oriented polls, instead of the sports hacks polls. What does a sports-writer in Oregon know about Boston College? A coach in Oregon may have to scout and take his team up against the Eagles, though. Trust in coach's opinions, y'all. 

Aimee Plumb, a sophomore out of Canterbury, Kent, England is this week's ACC Offensive Player of the Week. It's the first time she's earned the honor this season.

So, what did she do to receive such notoriety and a lofty recognition?  To start with, she had three goals and an assist in the Cards two wins last week. She got UofL's first goal against Boston College and fired the shot in overtime that was deflected and bounced in front of Erica Cooper , who provided the game-winner.  Against Northeastern, she scored twice in the Cards 7-0 rout on Sunday. 

Yep, that'll do it, as far as we're concerned. 

Plumb is a mid-fielder for the Cards and has been an integral part of the Cards building their 13-2 an 4-0 ACC record. Along with Katie Schneider, Cooper, Julie Kouijzer, Charlie van Oirschot and Mattie Tabor, Plumb leads the Cardinals offensive attack that is outscoring opponents this season 40-13. Plumb has five o those goals. 

I suppose you could use the colloquialism "plumb perfect" to describe her play. (Groan) 

Here's a fun fact on her...she can throw a javelin over 35 meters. Accurately. No wonder her nickname is "Aims". Beware, opposing players...

Have a Wonderful Wednesday 



  1. Hello Friends !
    Arthur Here !

    #6 for Cards? There's a lot of blind people out there.

    I think the Cards will cut the nets down for Walz's first head coaching NCAA title. Too many great players on this roster for Louisville.

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

  2. Great to see the ACC knows who Van Lith and Payton are. Pretty soon, the rest of the nation will know who Louisville women's hoops are.

    This isn't your father's team.

    Nick O

  3. Who else made the ALL-ACC team and the newcomers squad? Hard to figure just Van Lith for Cards.

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  4. So...

    ALL ACC:
    Taylor Soule Boston Colleege
    Delicia Washington Clemson
    Lorela Cubaj Georgia Tech
    Lotta Maj Lahtinen Georgia Tech
    Elisa Cunane NC State
    Maddy Westbeld Notre Dame
    Elizabeth Kitley Virginia Tech
    Aisha Shephard Virginia Tech

    How "the Tech's" and NC State got two each on the team and the Cards just one is a mystery. Had the voters not heard of Emily Engstler, Kianna Smith or Liz Dixon?


  5. I didn't see #6 coming, but it is what it is. Makes no difference how you shoot, rebound, pass or defend.

    Personally, I had Louisville at #4 behind So.Car, Uconn and Stanford.

    The Real Joe Hill


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