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Friday, February 26, 2021

Volleyball Spring Schedule Delayed Second time -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE



Quick, someone put a bubble around the Notre Dame basketball squads before the virus takes hold of the entire athletics program. 

Thursday evening it was announced that the Louisville volleyball season will have to swallow yet another delay to its spring season.  This time, it's the opponent producing a positive COVID testing result. The highly anticipated ACC matchup with the Fighting Irish will have to wait until a later date.  We will do our best at Cardinal Couple to keep you the most up to date on the changes as we learn them.

This also means a delayed return to my sports related button pushing duties for the network.  Luckily, it is not an issue within the Louisville program so the team can continue to practice together and look forward to the next opportunity to play.  As of right now, the Cards are scheduled to face Virginia Tech a week from today at L&N Arena. 

In previous years, volleyball matches tend to be in the Friday-Sunday range with some Thursdays and Mondays tossed in every now and then.  I don't think the Cardinals will schedule a match with an opponent before next weekend but hey, its 2021 and it would not surprise me a bit if the dice were rolled on a midweek makeup match.  It would be cool to convince the Bellarmine Knights to let us roll over for a local exhibition.. just putting that out into the universe.

Louisville Basketball check-in:

--  Coach Walz has a press conference scheduled for this afternoon to talk about the last regular season WBB game scheduled Sunday afternoon in South Bend.  

--  The program released Chapter 4 of the Dana Evans Docuseries - it highlights the 'heights' the senior has grown in her four years in the Ville. Check it out here > 

Speaking of our girl... have you voted for her yet today for the Senior Class Award?  You can vote every day, as many times as you want.  Dana is sitting in 4th place in the fan vote portion of the award.  Voting is open until March 22. Follow the link below !

-- Kelsey Riggs, Kelly Gramlich, Muffet McGraw and Monica McNutt, who host the ACC WBB "Nothing But Net" segments, usually after the late WBB game on Thursdays and Sundays (around 10 p.m.) have bestowed some awards for ACC WBB. Dana Evans was selected PLAYER OF THE YEAR,  Lotta Maj Lahtinen "Most Improved ACC WBB Player", and (in an obvious blunder) Nell Fortner of GT, as ACC WBB Coach of the Year. OK, we knew Walz had no chance with McGraw on the panel...but if I was Wes Moore of NC State, I'd have to raise an eyebrow about that pick  Maybe we'll do  a Cardinal Couple Awards ceremony on the show Saturday? 

Softball travels to face #6 Florida Gators & Announces 2021 Attendance Policy


The Cardinals (3-4, 3-2) are heading south again to face another ranked SEC foe, the Florida Gators.  There are two games scheduled, Saturday at 1 p.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m.  The Gators are 9-0 after beating North Florida 8-0 Thursday evening.   We will talk more about the matchup on Saturday's podcast. 


Attendance and Entry
In 2021, attendance will be limited to 20 percent capacity at Ulmer Stadium. Due to these capacity limitations, tickets will not be made available to the general public. All home contests will be televised and/or streamed for those that can't attend. Tickets will only be CARDINALavailable to guests of Louisville student-athletes, coaches and visiting team, along with a limited number for UofL Students.

Berm Seating
Berm and greenspace areas around Ulmer Stadium are publicly accessible areas that offer views of the action at Don Dobina Field at Ulmer Stadium. While the berm is outside the confines of the stadium, the following of CDC guidelines including social distancing and masking is advised for any fan who chooses to view a game from these areas.


Our annual Cardinal Couple ACC Tournament Pick 'Em Contest is alive and well and will take place again in March. 12 games, you pick who you think will win, advance and ultimately win the tournament.  You can enter three ways:   

1) Leave you picks in the comments section here at Cardinal Couple. This is the most popular way to enter. 

2) E-mail Jared (Bracket Czar) your selections at: 

3) Send them to the Cardinal Couple e-mail address:   (Once received at this e-mail, the Cardinal Couple Chimps will thoroughly analyze, discuss, criticize and ridicule each and every selection you have made...spill banana daiquiris on the printed-out submission, write crude and unsavory comments on the entry and ultimately give it to Bill The Goat to eat and deny any knowledge of ever receiving it)  Sender beware on Option 3...

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE OPENING TIP-OFF of the tournament (currently scheduled for Wednesday, March 3rd. at 2 p.m.) 

Last year's winner David Watson won a tie-breaker with me because his got his entry in a few hours earlier. Can you beat us this year? Only one way to find out. Enter. Paulie has not announced which gift cards and denominations will be awarded to first and second place finishers, maybe it'll come up on the Saturday podcast. 

The sun has been shinin' and Cardinal birds chirpin', you'll hear from the gang Saturday morning on the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour to talk about the games we do get to anticipate as some regular seasons are ending and new ones begin!  

Be safe out there and Go Cards! 


  1. Switch to decaf, Watson.

    OK, you have thrown down the sword, I'll take that challenge and whip your sorry, old man, Florida butt all over the Cardinal Couple Pick Em contests.

    Get ready for a participation trophy, professor.

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  2. I've watched PLENTY of women's games this year, ACC and nationally 😉

  3. OK, Dave O. You talk the talk, let's see if you can walk the walk.

    IF the ACC Tournament were to begin today, the matchups would be:

    On Wednesday -- #12 Pitt vs #12 Boston College
    On Thursday -- #8 Wake forest vs #9 UNC, #5 Notre Dame vs. winner of Pitt/BC, #7 FSU vs #10 Miami, #6 Va Texh vs. #11 Clemson.
    On Friday: #1 seed Lou vs WFU v UNC winner, #4 seed Syracuse vs Pitt, BC or ND, #2 seed NCST vs FSU or Miami, #3 seed GT vs VT or Clemson.

    A lot of this seeding and these matchups are subject to chance with Sunday's games. I like how it shakes for UofL though, I'd much rather face UNC or Wake on Friday instead of FSU.

    Nick O.

  4. However the games shake out, I wanna see a rematch game with NC State for the title, and that's not a guaranteed game. We're better than what we showed that first time.
    Gonna be my final two regardless.

    1. Kstarksr the revenge game that can happen cards have to clicking in DePaul mode over drive.Merv

  5. There goes Watson popping off again (sigh). He does the same on the golf course, and usually the skills can't back up what the mouth spews.

    I hope that the Cards DO get the #1 seed, but let there be no doubt, UNC is no pushover. And Wake darn near beat the Cards too. Should be a fun tourney.

    The Real Joe Hill.


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