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Monday, September 14, 2020



The final day of the regular season in the WNBA had three games, and involved all four of the former UofL WBB stars.


Another big afternoon for Myisha Hines-Allen, who recorded a double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds to help get Washington into the playoffs as the eighth seed. The Mystics, who finished the regular season on a 5-1 run, will face #5 seed Phoenix on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. 

The Mystics held a 44-43 halftime lead and Atlanta was getting the majority of their points from the amazing Chennedy Carter. she fouled out for the Dream, after 26 points and Washington, who finished 9-13 on the season lives on for at least one more game. 


Angel McCoughtry saw just five minutes in the contest, being rested by Las Vegas head coach Bill Laimbeer. Seattle was without Sue Bird (bruised left knee) and Breanna Stewaart (left foot tendinitis) -- isn't wasn't exactly a true matchup between the top two teams in the league but the Aces get the win, the #1 seed, and rest to watch until Sunday's semifinals. 

So does Seattle, as the #2 seed. Both teams finished 18-4.

Angel did get five points and a rebound in her five minutes. A'ja Wilson and Dearica Hamby led Las Vegas with 23 points each. 


Jazmine Jones put a huge exclamation point on her rookie season with 21 points, seven rebounds and four assists for the Liberty, who are now eliminated. Kylee Shook saw 11 minutes but did not score for New York. Dallas need to win, and see Washington lose to get a playoff berth, the Wings did their part but the Mystics finish one game better than the Wings.

So, the playoff picture looks like this:

Tuesday games: 

#8 Washington vs #5 Phoenix                                                                            #6 Chicago Sky vs #7 Connecticut


#3 Los Angeles gets the winner of Washington vs. Phoenix                                #4 Minnesota gets the winner of Chicago vs Connecticut


#1 Las Vegas gets the quarterfinal winner (Minnesota, Chicago or Connecticut       #2 Seattle gets the quarterfinal winner )Washington, Phoenix or Los Angeles. 


In summation, it was weird...going to the UofL Football game Saturday. No throngs of people crowded Boxley Ave, the Parking lots, the UPS Flight Deck or outside the stadium 

My group of four walked over to the stadium a little after 7 p.m., walked right up to the gate, got our temperatures scanned (we passed!), clear bags checked, did the "hands up and get wanded thing" and went to the check-in-scanner.

And, that was the part that made me a bit nervous. I've had "paper" tickets since the days of Howard Schnellenberger and old Cardinal Stadium. I download the GoCards app to my phone was pretty sure I did it correctly but I explained to the friendly check-in-guy that I was a rookie at this.

We got through it without a hitch, though. I even printed out my e-mail confirming I had tickets and had it on me, but, it wasn't needed. 

In a minor upset, Paulie 1 - Technology 0

Walking a nearly empty concourse, going to my seat -- second row, Crunch Zone -- wearing a mask, and staring at all the empty seats around me as I walked down the steps. 


So, I got to my row and there were two people standing in row 1 watching WKU warm up. Man and a woman, no masks. I loudly commented to my wife about the social distancing rule. They turned and stared at me coldly and then turned back around to watch WKU. 

In earlier days, I probably would have made an issue about it. But, I just waited. WKU finally went back to their locker room and the couple turned to leave. The man muttered something in passing, I won't repeat it here. I just let it go. The 2020 WKU fan base is a bunch of jerks, if these two are any representation of them. They probably weren't, in all honesty, but the "Paulie of 20 years ago" would have punched this lout right in the jaw and sent him face first onto the field. 


It rained off and on. It seemed like every time I would take my poncho off, the rain would pick up again. I finally just left it on. I wore my mask the entire game. There were two "mask patrol" guys on the field walking by about every five minutes or so, looking for mask-rule-violators. They were busy, pointing at selective groups in the seats, pointing to their faces and standing there until the groups put their masks back on. 

Louisville got off to a rocky start when the punter fumbled a snap early, WKU got the ball back right in front of us and score. But the Cards have weapons. Louisville responded with 28 straight points (Micale Cunningham was definitely on target with his receiving corps) and that was fun. We stood and cheered. That was a first half to remember. We got to see Louisville score three times, right in front of us, in the second quarter. 

The second half? Well, it just kinda happened. Nothing spectacular or game-changing. We left after the game ended, I walked right into one of the restrooms, no wait, did my business, washed my hands and that was a first for me, after 35 + years of attending Cardinal Football. No crowded restroom. We walked through another empty concourse, went straight to the truck, drove right out with no traffic delays and were home a little after midnight. 

The emptiness of the stands reminded me of how the stadium looked in past years during big rain storms. Indiana State, UK and FSU came to mind. It was eerie but it was football, we were socially distanced and it was a win. A good time, despite the different atmosphere and crowd participation.  

Were you there? Any other observations? Any other questions? You know the routine....leave a comment. 




  1. Good job Myisha! And, good job Paulie. They probably would have tossed you out of the game if you had thrown a punch. Sounds like a couple of jerk WKU parents. In my humble opinion, only two good things have comme out of WKU. Paul Sandeford and Michelle Clark Heard.

    Nick O.

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    1. Actually, since I edited some settings, this should be the episode link

    2. It looks like you can listen to the show directly on the anchor page if you are on browser. The "listen on spotify" button is deceptive but you can just scroll down and click play!

      Please bear with us as this is new to all of us.

  3. If the WKU fans you encountered are typical then there is no longer a reason to wonder why Warren County continues to be among the highest number of cases for Covid in the state.

    1. We did chant "I-65 South" after them once they started up the steps. I expect they're still trying to figure out what that means.

      Case, I'll tell the readers for you, you do need to sign up for a Spotify account to hear it on Anchor.


  4. You tell em Paulie! If you need security for the next game you got, or people cleared out, ol' Curtis will be glad to go with you. Or, here's an idea. You stay home and I'll take Sonya!

    Curtis "be Kind" Franklin.


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