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Monday, August 24, 2020



The Jefferson County Public School Athletic Board meets this evening to make a decision on fall sports in the Louisville area. 

If you're wondering what exactly this has to do with the joy and excitement of University of Louisville athletics, consider the rosters of the women's fall sports squads on the Belknap campus. You'll find several "homegrown" student athletes on the squads. Women's Soccer star Emina Ekic, who went to Louisville Manual. Sam Minrath and India Reed both played field hickey locally. Louisville Volleyball has a couple as well on  the 2020 roster with Alexa Hendricks and Anna DeBeer. Local talent has always been a "feeder"for the Louisville fall women's sports squads -- and there are many other high school seniors who have played at Jefferson County high schools and gone on to other colleges and universities to establish student-athlete careers. 

Earlier this month, the KHSAA (Kentucky High School Athletic Association) voted to proceed with fall sports. Jefferson County, however, has a bit of different circumstances than some of the smaller counties and communities that make up the KHSAA. The wider spread of COVID-19 being the main one. 

This is a decision ahead that isn't going to be popular, no matter which way the athletic board votes. 

If they decide to start fall sports, there will be worry about the health and safety of the participants, coaches and those who attend the events as fans. If they cancel the fall events, there will be an outcry from the coaches, parents and student-athletes who want events and participation. The third option is a delay. That, in itself, had subsections -- in, how long a delay? For a month, until the spring, until January 1st, 2021? 

This is no easy decision to make and I'm glad I'm not on that board that will make the decision tonight.

To the north of Louisville, Southern Indiana high schools, who have already gone back to school, are also playing fall sports. Including football. With fans in the stands. Of course, it's too early to tell what COVID-19 case will spring up from that. From all indications, spacing and masking has been in place in the stands. But, what about the linemen, or forwards and defenders on the field that are breathing on each other unmasked? 

The vast majority of fall sports are, of course, outdoors. Volleyball, though, in Kentucky can start practice today and begin matches/competition on Sept. 7th. 

It'll be interesting to see how the Jefferson County High School Sports board votes tonight. 


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    Yabba Dabba Doo !!


  2. Yikes! Glad you're doing better Dave-O. The site wouldn't be the same without you.

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  6. The Real Joe Hill. Am I golden?

  7. Ol' Curtis was one of those unable to comment. Whatever ya did Paulie worked. I am commenting (hopefully).

    Indiana Fall Sports are going to be a disaster. I hope JCPS has more common sense than us over here.

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  8. I have had ongoing problems putting comments here on the site for a long time and the phone commenting has never worked for me. But, magically today, it looks like I've been able to with no other problems except for that stupid verification screen! Boy, are you guys going to be sorry now!! (J/K)

    Nick O.

  9. Never had a problem but looks good so far.

  10. Hello Friends!
    Arthur Here!
    Hope this gets through OK. I guess I can always leave the site, come back and see if it registered.

    First off, David, I am so sorry to here about you getting the virus. I'm glad you didn't have to do the hospital stay. My neighbor did, is still in and on a ventilator and it's not looking good. She is elderly, a smoker and had high blood pressure.

    I really don't think now is the time to being playing high school sports, if you want my opinion. Or college. The bubble concept works bu how many colleges and universities can do that. I applaud the Big10 and Pac12 decisions and hope the other Power 5 Conferences fall in line.

    Me and Bea arre elderly, in good health, but not going to attend any on campus events until this pandemic gets under control. And, I'm one of the biggest Clemson sports fans out there.

    It just isn't worth the risk.

    Take care everyone!

    Your Friend
    STILL #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

  11. I also was having commenting problems. Hope you solved it Paulie. Hearing less than 20% for Football attendance. That could be interesting.

    Blue Lou

  12. Thanks one and all for the weigh ins. It looks lke we are working on comments.



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