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Friday, July 10, 2020

ACC watching and waiting -- Manatee Rocked by River Mocs -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


This is one of those watching and waiting days.

In purely "noir" terms and scenario, the car is parked outside the house. It's foggy outside and our heroines (Louisville women's sports student-athletes) go out to meet the stranger. 

Inside the occupants of the house wait to see who is coming and going to happen.  The occupants are mostly fearing the worst from the tall stranger in the hat (raincoat optional) and the news he possesses.  The car door slowly opens and steps are heard heading up the sidewalk. Tense, edgy music plays in the background. The group inside is waiting. What news does the stranger bring? 

Sorry to make a melodrama moment here, I've been watching a lot of old movies lately. 

With the BIG10 Conference cancelling all games against non-conference foes, can the ACC be far behind? 

Looking at the Louisville women's sports non-conference schedule for 2020 that's been posted, only Volleyball has put out a 2020 official-type schedule and Purdue, a Big 10 member, looks to definitely be off the schedule.

(Maybe the other women's sports were wise in not doing so yet...)

In terms of Volleyball non-conference matches, the VolleyCards are still (as of 8:38 a.m. this morning) are headed to Dayton for a tournament on August 22nd. Going to NKU for a tournament after that and playing either Xavier or Lipscomb in Cincinnati and then have a home and away match planned against UK. A 18-game, ACC Conference slate awaits after that. 

We know not (officially) how Field Hockey, Women's Soccer, Women's basketball, golf, tennis and the others will be affected by the Big 10 move or the impending, probable ACC move that walks up the sidewalk of the Belknap Campus.

Right now, doesn't look good for the Cardinal house-dwellers. My guess is the ACC will follow suit and that it's the first step toward the cancellation of fall sports.

Sorry to be a "downer-deliverer" here, but, to use a horse-racing description -- our horse isn't making up any ground on the leaders as they make the turn and head for the stretch. Naturally, I'm hoping for the best here...but I'm also looking at our current situation and, in the words of Bob Dylan...."you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows". 

That's a great Dylan song, by the way....and is eerie accurate on how things are today, desite being recorded over 50 years ago.  I've got it linked up below: 


You're going to find tons of speculation about football and the Cards at other sites. We won't go there, we'll leave that to the "experts" in that area. 

Right now, we watch, we wait and wonder what is going to happen within the ACC. It's the seventh inning and we don't know the final-at bat possibilities yet for the opponent. 

(Case prepares for his Saturday column) 
I expect Case will report on the news we're all waiting for in his column tomorrow. I'm not expecting a bouquet of flowers to be delivered at the UofL women's sports front door. 

Just a sign of the times, friends. 

We'll discuss what we know on Saturday's Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast.

The broadcast begins at 11 a.m. on Saturday mornings. We'd love to have you listen in. You can access the show on YouTube. Case will have the link for you tomorrow, so be sure to check out his column tomorrow. You can hear any and all of the previous shows by going to Google (or the search engine you use) and popping YouTube Cardinal Couple Radio Hour in the search bar, or clicking the picture at the top of our website page of me and Jared in masks with Sonya and Katie. 

We cover the week in UofL women's sports in our podcasts and present a quiz for you and the panel each week in the second half of the show. Jeff and Jared lock horns this week again after tying last week in our quiz, so the tension and drama is building there for the impending showdown. 


In a showdown between the first and second place teams in Softball's FGCL league, the Myakka City River Mocs visited the Manatee Squeeze last night and broke open a close contest with four runs in the final two innings to take the 8-2 win. 

Cardinal Jordan Wolfe made three plate appearances for Manatee and delivered a single, plus scored one of Manatee's runs. The Squeeze's right-fielder singled to right-center in the first inning and came home on Nikki Cuchran's two-RBI, fence clearing blast to center. 

Manatee used three pitchers in the loss (none of them Cardinal Paige Schindler) and slips to 10-4 on the season. Myakka City improves to 14-1 on the schedule. 

Have an interesting Friday! Stay safe and make good decisions. Hope for the best but be prepared for the actual. 



  1. I have to think the nonconference contests being dropped by the BIG10 is just a drop in the bucket for what is ahead for all of college sports.

    It's gonna be a disruptive season. I hope the ACC waits until the end of the month before adjusting schedules but I'm really concerned about the fall.

    Maybe someday we'll look back at 2020 and try to explain it to a younger generation. For now, we just deal with life and have to hope for the best and try to stay positive.

    (thanks for the pep talk yesterday Paulie) I apologize for my comments yesterday. No excuse, but I had "the day from hell" Wednesday

    Curtis "Black Lives Matter" Franklin

  2. First off:
    I'll just quote a noted sports dignitary when he says:

    "Any move to scuttle non-conference games is just an effort to buy a little time and hope things get better, but there is no real plan anywhere to make that happen".

    Secondly, why isn't Paige Schindler getting more appearances in the circle for the Manatee Squeeze? I pray she is healthy in pandemic-ridden Florida. Maybe it's her stats and ERA average. I'm not running that team. Coaches gotta coach and go with who they think can win.

    Finally, I don'r care how you reacted to my comments yesterday. I believe what i believe -- but I will try to keep it about sports in my future comments. There are many more out there who know much more about worldly things than I.

    Paulie and the gang here do a wonderful job reporting on UofL women's sports and it is wrong of me to try and de-rail that.

    Nick O.


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