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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

UNC Win Brings Rankings, Honors -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Cards Move Back into Top 5

With the newest AP Poll coming out yesterday, the Louisville Cardinals found themselves back in a familiar spot. The Cards received two first place votes on their way to a ranking of fifth, just behind the Oregon Ducks.

Louisville may have a legitimate gripe about being ranked behind Oregon, having beaten the Ducks earlier this year. Louisville also has just one loss, though Oregon's second came to a ranked team in Arizona State.

The Ducks are also coming off of a 32 point victory over Stanford, last week's third-ranked team.

The Cards can take solace in the fact that they are ranked above Oregon in last week's Coaches Poll, an advantage they'd seem likely to maintain. Louisville is also in an enviable position in the current RPI, as they hold the top spot in that particular category. The Cards have an unusual follower in that ranking, though, as Missouri State sits in second place. The RPI falls into line a bit after that as South Carolina, Stanford, and UConn round out the top five.

Just outside the top 10 are #11 DePaul, #12 UK and #13 Gonzaga.

Top 10:

1) South Carolina
2) Baylor
3) Connecticut
4) Oregon
6) Stanford
7) Oregon St.
8) North Carolina St.
9) Mississippi St.
10) UCLA

Dana Evans Named ACC Player of the Week

After two huge games and being instrumental in two wins, Dana Evans was named ACC Player of the Week for the second time this season. Evans averaged 24.5 points in the pair, along with 4.5 assists and 2.5 rebounds. She also shot 9-9 from the free throw line and 48% from the floor (59% from three).

Evans has pushed her season averages to 19.1 ppg on 42.5% shooting from the floor (45% from three). Her free throw percentage has skied to 92.1%, an impressive mark for having taken more than 75 attempts. In addition to increasing her year over year scoring, Evans is sporting a 1.64 assist-to-turnover ratio. That mark is below the 2.2 ATO she set last season, but there is still plenty of time to improve for the rest of this season.

Let us not forget that Evans has also taken on a significantly increased role in the absence of Asia Durr and Arica Carter, so an uptick in turnovers can be expected given the additional pressure. Either way, I don't think this will be the last of Evans' ACC Player of the Week awards in her career.

Until next time, Go Cards!


  1. I have long felt that the voters in the WBB AP poll have no clue about the women's game. Almost as much "no knowledge" as Charlie Creme and his ridiculousness on brackets.

    But, who cares where the Cards are ranked at this time of the year? Especially in this season of musical chairs at the top. I still think that DePaul is a top ten team and would blow Stanford out of the water. Just two losses, early to Oregon State and early to UConn.


    1. Paulie, I agree about DePaul. They are really good. And a lot of the AP voters do seem to be woefully uninformed. I think Crème is pretty good - he currently has Cards as #1 seed in Fort Wayne and I like that.

  2. I like the cards @ #5 IMHO I think the cards will stay hungry.
    I agree Dana has to score more this season,but help is on the way next season.

  3. I think Dana is a top five guard in the country. The best in the ACC. As a point guard, scoring is big but facilitating the ret of the team equally as important.

    I wonder how that'll change, and if she'll move to the #2 guard when Van Lith arrives. Van Lith is a true point guard,Danaa converted #2 guard and I can't wait to see the both of them in the Cards back court.

    Blue Lou

  4. Just look at this potential UofL WBB guard list for next year:

    Dana Evans
    E. Balogun
    Mykasa Robinson
    Hailey Van Lith
    Kianna Smith
    Nyah Green
    Seygan Robins
    Lindsey Duvall
    Norika Konno
    Mitch McConnell

    (OK, I just threw McConnell is to see if you were paying attention, plus, he's on TV right now -- he is pretty shifty, though.)

    Even including the "3" spot, which has pretty much become a guard position instead of small forward, Louisville is three deep at each spot.

    Boy, oh, boy !


    1. yes the guards look strong but what will they have in the paint.

    2. And, you forgot Merissah Russell, Paulie, who is listed as a 5'10" guard out of Canada.

      At forward and center next year is

      Ramani Parker
      Molly Lockhart
      Olivia Cochran
      Liz Dixon

      Of course, the transfer portal might claim a couple of these, but, the transfer portal can go both ways, as we've seen.

      I hope Konno can recover well. Does anyone know how serious her injury is?

      Nick O.


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