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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mothers and Graduations - Sunday Cardinal Couple

Mothers Day

First of all, let me wish everyone a delightful Mother's Day, including my mother and regular travel companion, Vivian, who occasionally graces our comments section with her wisdom.

Thanks for being there to support me in my sometimes unconventional choices.  I won't presume to speak for the rest of our family (although I suspect they share this sentiment), in saying that I appreciate not just your presence and support for myself, but also for our whole family.

Thank you.


We aren't just celebrating Mother's Day today, though, here at Cardinal Couple.

Yesterday was the University of Louisville's Spring Commencement.  I always like to try to
acknowledge the academic side of the work that the student-athletes that we follow and cheer whenever appropriate.  A number of members of UofL women's sports teams graduated, and I thought I would try to share a few of them here.  I'm not out to make a comprehensive list, here, but just share some of the ones that came across my awareness in the past day or two (mostly through social media).

Let's start with one that is also a celebrant for Mother's Day, Kennadi Carbin of the soccer team who, you might remember, took some time off from the team because she was pregnant, had her child, and returned to the team to play her senior year, an impressive accomplishment indeed.

The Softball squad graduated two that I'm aware of, and it's a pair that we've talked about much of the season in common terms.  Senior Sidney Melton and "Junior" Celene Funke both graduated.  I kind of expect that both of them sprinted across stage and snatched their diplomas before anyone was expecting it.  Funke, being just a junior in terms of athletic eligibility, will be back with the Cardinals for next year, so we haven't seen the last of her, for sure.

Field Hockey had 3 seniors at the ceremonies, Taylor Stone, Katie Walsh, and Ayeisha McFerran.

Volleyball celebrated 4 graduates, with Molly Sauer, Amanda Green, and Jasmine Bennett all receiving their undergraduate degrees, while Brooke Betts received, I believe, her Master's Degree.  Brooke, for those that don't know, played with UofL a couple of years to start her collegiate career, then transferred to Xavier to finish out her playing time (and get her undergraduate degree), she returned to Louisville to join Dani Busboom Kelly's staff as Graduate Assistant and, I believe, Video Coordinator (she was spotted numerous times, at least, wrangling video and other tech gear, cementing her techie chops in addition to her volleyball skills).

While Basketball had 3 graduate this year, none of them were in attendance as Sam Fuerhing, Arica Carter, and Asia Durr are all at WNBA training camps...a fair tradeoff, I think.

One graduation celebrant that I'm aware of from Tennis, with Sena Suswam crossing the stage.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

After a Derby Day hiatus, the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour was back yesterday, and as spring sports wind down, we...well, I'm not sure "celebrate" is the right word here, but we'll go with it...the return of the Cardinal Couple Quiz.

Jared was off rolling coins, so he'll have to take a make-up quiz later, but Daryl, Case and I all battled valiantly.  Daryl put in good effort, Case made it a challenge and was still in the game going into the beefed up bonus question, but I was able to pull off the perfect score by the grace of several lucky guesses.

We also discussed the status of various former Cards in the WNBA, and the late season struggles of the Softball squad and their NCAA tournament prospects.  (Selection show is tonight at 9 p.m. on ESPN2)

You can check out the Facebook Live link at:



  1. Ah, Jeff, thanks for the mention.

  2. Happy Mothers Day to all our Mothers out there! A funny story about Moms involves the young Marine recruit who is really getting the business from his drill sergeant one day.

    "I'm going to put you through more than you've ever had to deal with." he bellows at the recruit.

    After eight hours of drilling, running, digging ditches and anything the "Sarge" can think of putting him through, "Sarge" asks the worn out recruit..."Are you now convinced that I can make you work harder than anyone else in this world?"

    The recruit gasps: "No, sergeant."

    Sarge: "WHAT! Tell me who beats me, then?"

    Recruit: "My Mom trying to get me to eat vegetables before I got dessert."

    Happy Mothers Day!



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