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Thursday, November 8, 2018



One UofL sport (Men's basketball) takes the court tonight and four other ones go into action on Friday. Various locales and three of them (Volleyball, Women's soccer and Women's basketball) are ones we feature and Jared Anderson will go into more detail on those in his Friday column. From Boston to Chattanooga to Knoxville...Cardinal student-athletes will pursue chances and try to secure wins. 

Following them for the fan at home might be just a little more challenging. We know WBB will have radio coverage of their Friday challenge against the Chattanooga Choo Choo's (actually the Mocs) but we haven't found a internet or cable feed for it yet. As time gets closer, it looks like there won't be one. Nick Curran and Adrienne Johnson are one of the best duos in women's basketball radio broadcasting, though, and they'll paint an audio picture for you that you'll have no trouble following and seeing. UTC got by D II Lee University 61-55...extinguishing the Flames at McKenzie Arena...where the Cards will drop in and perform at 7 p.m. Friday.  Look for Louisville to work on committing less turnovers, grabbing more rebounds and improving defensively. 

Anyone want to guess how many Asia will score? In the first three minutes? 


Women's Soccer is in the NCAA Tournament and gets things underway against Tennessee in Knoxville on Friday. Whether this one will be available for viewing is still up in the air, but I haven't been able to find any link yet for the 5 p.m. match. The Cards are a #15 seed in their region, UT is the #2 seed, so a Cardinal win would be considered an upset, in terms of rankings. Keys to a Louisville win definitely center around the staunch Cardinal defense. Scoring for Louisville can be an unpredictable thing as of late but Emina Ekic, Brooklyn Rivers, Delaney Snyder & Maisie Whitsett are all capable of finding net success.


Volleyball is off to Boston to face the Eagles for a 7:30 start. The big question here is how is Melanie McHenry? She was helped off the court against FSU. We've heard nothing about her condition or status. If she can't go, we expect Claire Chaussee, Amanda Green, Megan Sloan, Jasmine Bennett and Piper Roe to all pick up the possible slack. The Cards are tied for third place in the ACC at 11-3 and 18-7 overall. We've heard no viewing on line or on the television for this one, but the Sunday match against Wake will be on the ACC Network Extra. 


Finally, Football (a sport many Cardinal fans have given up on for the 2018 season) travels to the OrangeDome to try and tackle Syracuse. I'll wish Louisville good luck. I'll hope for a win. I might even watch while tracking the other three sports mentioned here. I remain a fan. 

Cross Country participates in the NCAA Southeast Regional in Rock Hill, SC. Let's hope Dorcas Wasike can duplicate her ACC Championships success and finish first! 


I've decided to experiment around with a little commentary on the Louisville women's basketball team. I have a link below for the initial "Paulie Podcast"...where I discuss the WBB win over Western Ky.  It may or may not become a regular feature here. 

It's mostly personal commentary and thoughts. 

Let me know what you think.



When we started the concept and idea for the site CARDINAL COUPLE back in 2009, it was a pretty good time to do so. The Louisville women's basketball team has just made a final game appearance. I was writing for a couple of other sites and was encouraged by the owners of those sites to start my own site. Sonya and I launched Cardinal Couple with no idea of how it would go over or how long it would last. One of those sites is no longer in existence. The other is still viable but not a daily-type of site. 

The idea of promoting the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports was born and we've tried to be a true steward and proponent of that concept. We have, what we feel, is an excellent group of writers and radio personalities. They do what they do for love of sport and school. Voluntarily. No salary. I salute and thank Worldwide Jeff, Case, Jared and others for this benevolent commitment. 

We had two goals in mind when we started CARDINAL COUPLE. To promote the joy and excitement of UofL Women's athletics and to remain independent. We're encouraged and proud that we've been able to maintain those goals. The truth is, I had earmarked 2018 as the year where I'd be able to eliminate November Donation Month, but we had a major, anonymous advertiser/supporter back off his commitment to us, based on their general dissatisfaction of UofL athletics and the decision to financially sponsor other aspects of the University of Louisville. 

We understand. We get it. We're saddened but we'll move on. I will continue to try and get support for CARDINAL COUPLE from local businesses and organizations and pitch our not-for-profit concept. Until then, I come to you, hat-in-hand, and ask for your help for 2019. It's not an easy thing to do. It is wholly and fully appreciated, though. 

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  1. Great stuff today, Paulie. I like the Paulie Podcast section and hope you'll continue it.

    Good luck to the guys tonight and to all the UofL teams in action over the next four days! Also, Good luck to Louisville vs. Phoenix USL tonight.

    I am considering taking up and practicing juggling, in other news, I have always been in awe of people who can do this. I may be no good at it, but, I will see. I have a friend who is quite good at it and has said he will consider taking me under his wing to teach. I hope he can juggle me into his busy schedule. Groan.

    Curtis "Can't sing, dance or act but likes food" Franklin

  2. Nice podcast. Agree with your assessment of the game.
    Stinks that there won't be any broadcast of the game tomorrow. Radio is not quite the same, although Nick and AJ do a terrific job, I personally like visuals. I look at lots of off the ball stuff.

    Site that may have the game. It was free. Fingers crossed.

    1. This is the site that has officially linked so you should be in good shape.


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