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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Women's Sports Galore Today -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Women's Golf

Weather is wreaking havoc with events all around the region

In Nashville, the women's golf schedule for the Mason Rudolph Championship has been altered due to rain.  Play was halted early Friday, and schedules altered for yesterday and today to try to accommodate.  They're trying to get 54 holes in for the event, but that may not happen.

Louisville currently sits in 11th place, with play scheduled to resume this morning at about the time of this writing.

Junior Lauren Hartlage is currently in 27th, while junior Mairead Martin is making a splash with her 32nd place standing.  Junior Delaney Shah is in 41st, Freshman Lauren Thibodeau sits 52nd, and Senior (how is she a Senior already?!) Olivia Cason currently in the clubhouse 62nd.

Good luck to the Women's Golf team...first of all just getting 54 in, and then to finish as well as they can given less than ideal conditions.


Volleyball is back in action today, now in conference play, with a match against UNC at 1 p.m.  This one is available on ACC Network Extra.

The Cards have seemed to shrug off their poor play from last week and are back playing to the level that we know they can.  Let's hope they keep it up today against the Tarheels.

As I mentioned on the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour yesterday, I did get to catch some of the Notre Dame vs UNC match from Friday night.  UNC came out of the locker room looking just absolutely terrible, but by the end of the match they managed to get it put back together and really provide a challenge to Notre Dame.

This was also my first real look at Notre Dame, and their coaching succession this year doesn't seem to have slowed down the rebuilding process that program had in process.  Previous head coach Jim McLaughlin resigned in the off season due to medical problems with his back.  McLaughlin has been a fine coach for numerous programs over the years and all of the volleyball community wishes him well.  The Notre Dame program was taken over by previous Associate Head Coach Mike Johnson, who doesn't seem to have missed a beat.  This is a team that absolutely imploded 4 years ago, and while they're not back to powerhouse status, they continue to improve and work their way back into high quality play.

The Cards will continue the road-trip next weekend with matches against Georgia Tech in Atlanta, and Clemson in Clemson.  These should be opportunities for a couple of more wins for UofL.  The Cards just need to come out and play the way we know they can play and the should be fine this weekend.

Women's Soccer

Action today at Lynn Stadium, when the Cards and the Syracuse Orange take to the pitch at 1 p.m. 

It'll be wet going on the field with morning rains in Louisville creating watery conditions. 

The Cards are at 8-1 and 2-0 in the ACC. The "Cuse comes in with a 3-7 overall record and 0-2 in the ACC. The Cards have been getting great production out of Maisie Whitsett andd Brooklyn Rivers lately. Couple that with the out-of-this-world passing skills from Emina Ekic and you have a formula for success, when you also add in the staunch and solid defensive line...with Gabby squared and the other defenders. 

You can get this one on the ACC Network Extra if you can't get out to Lynn in person. WE recommend you go, though. Sunday fooball and wait and there's really nothing to discuss about Cardinal Football, except that they are 2-2 and need a whole lot of work...

Field Hockey

After a disappointing loss to an unranked Wake Forest team Friday, the Cards will likely be on the
warpath at Appalachian State today.

This one starts at 11am, and no video availability has yet been found for it.  Will Bethany Russ continue her scoring streak?  I'd say there's a good chance of it.  If the Cards can also get Mercedes Pastor loosened back up, look for a solid win over App State.

The Field Hockey schedule gets a little out of it's normal pattern this week, with only a single matchup next weekend with UVA in Charlottesville on Saturday.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

I'm still looking for an error-free performance as engineer for the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour, and yesterday wasn't it.  Regardless, I think it was a good show, as it always is when Daryl Foust joins us in the magnificen, massivet media mansion on Mellwood at WCHQ.  We had a great time chatting about Women's Soccer, a bit of Football, Volleyball, and even caught up with Fall activities for Softball and Lacrosse.  We heard audio from Brooklyn Rivers and Karen Ferguson-Dayes of Women's Soccer, Holly Aprile of Softball, and Scott Teeter of Lacrosse (and somewhat sleep deprived new dad).

You can check out the fun at:



  1. I have my raincoat and thick shoes ready to go to see what I can catch at Lynn Stadium this afternoon. Would love to see a 9-1-0 start!

  2. Good luck to all UofL sports today!

    Spent a miserable night at work getting tormented by all the UK fans I work with. You would have thought they just won the Football National Championship.

    I was happy for Josh Allen, tho. He's Myisha's brother and a pretty damn good outside linebacker that just may be the family's second professional athlete.

    Curtis "Raining Cats" Franklin

  3. Yeah, Josh a great guy. I met him last year when he was in town visiting Myisha.

    Let's go 3-0 today. WSOC, Volleyball and Field Hockey.

    UK fans know better that to brag about their accomplishments around me (except for "the Guv"). I just give them a look and ask them if I really do look like someone who cares about UK Athletics.

    They get the point (usually).


  4. That’s a trifecta for the Cardinal Couple crew today! Field hockey, women’s soccer, and volleyball all recorded wins today with the latter two taking it down to the wire to earn conference victories. Paulie will have a lot to talk about in the a.m.


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