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Saturday, May 5, 2018


Softball Falls at Pitt; 9-8

Despite a furious comeback to tie the game at 7 in the sixth inning, Louisville was ultimately unable to sustain the torrid pace of Pitt's offense and dropped game two of the series. 

The Cards took the lead in the top of the second when Jenna Jordan scored after the Pitt catcher threw the ball away trying to catch Celene Funke stealing. The lead was short lived, though, as Pitt scored four runs on two home runs and a double in the bottom half of the inning. They added on another 3 run homer in the bottom of the 3rd and Louisville found themselves with a 7-1 deficit. After that, Louisville realized this longball thing could be a bit of fun, so they joined in. In the fourth, Caitlin Ferguson knocked a 2 run shot to score Nicole Pufahl, and Alison (Mike) Szydlowski added a dinger of her own later in the inning. The Cards trailed by only 3 runs. In the sixth, Louisville erased those final three runs with solo shots by Ferguson (2 in the game!), Madison Cousineau, and Sidney Melton. 

Danielle Watson didn't have her best stuff yesterday. It happens. After the Cards tied the game in the top half, Watson gave up a walk, triple, and wild pitch for the Panthers to regain the lead at 9-7. Watson finished with 5 hits, 6 walks, and 5 earned. Megan Hensley took the start and the first 4 earned runs, but Watson finished with the loss. Some days you just struggle in the circle. On days like yesterday, a batter's day, you just try to outlast the opposition. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The Cards young pitching will continue to develop. Danielle Watson doesn't have 14 wins this season for no reason. 

In their last chance, the Cards made a bit of noise. Jenna Jordan pulled a run back with a full-count solo home run to open the inning, but the Pitt starter returned to the mound to pick up the save. She retired Pufahl, Funke, and Ferguson in order on 8 pitches. Ball game over. The Cards take on the Panthers in the rubber match today at 1PM. If you can manage to tear yourselves away from the horse track, this one could be fun to watch.

I'm Back!

Well, did you miss me? After a short stint on the DL, both for medical and personal reasons, I'm finally able to return to the pages. It's only fitting that I return on Derby Day so that I can put my title to a nice double meaning use. A bit has changed for me since we've last spoken. The last two Saturdays were dedicated not to Derby Festival activities, but to preparing for and taking the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Taking (and passing) the FE is the first step toward attaining my professional engineering license. I took a practice exam a couple of weeks ago and spent most of my day last week taking a 6 hour exam. I'm happy to report that I found out much sooner than expected, I passed! Now I'll get to put the books aside for awhile before I eventually begin preparing for another 8 hour exam in a few years.

My other big news comes from my ankle recovery. I finally had another doctor's appointment this week, and I'm now doing some in home physical therapy exercises and putting weight on my injured foot to walk with the assistance of a crutch. I've even taken to walking a little bit in the house with no crutches, but that might be a bit ambitious yet. I'm still a long way from returning to the soccer field or the Tough Mudder course, but as I told someone at work the other day, each update is a step in the right direction towards taking steps. I hope to return to the radio next week as my new directives give me a bit more freedom.

Speaking of the radio, we're off today. In case you haven't heard, there's some big race going on in Old Louisville. Something about some horses or something. It's a big deal in this town apparently. I joke, of course. As a native Louisvillian, I'm more than excited for the Derby today. Strangely, because of the circumstances surrounding this Derby season for me, I've not even been able to look too hard at the field. Fortunately, you don't have to look to me for horse picks, as Paulie has an entire site dedicated to handicapping. Enjoy Derby Day today, wherever you may be. We'll be back on the air next week to continue to bring you the joy and excitement of Louisville women's sports!

Until next time, Go Cards!

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  1. Congratulations Case and hope you are feeling better. You're an engineer and tha is quite the feat!

    Curtis "Engineered a few things in his life" Franklin


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