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Monday, March 12, 2018

Louisville Women's basketball -- Where will Louisville WBB go?...March Sadness -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


OH yes. It's the most wonderful time of the year, if you're a college basketball fan. Louisville women's basketball fans are assured of a couple of things. A #1 seed in their region and a chance to open at home. 

ESPN's Charlie Creme has the Cards as the #1 seed in the Lexington bracket. College Sports Madness has UofL as a #1 seed but doesn't specify which bracket. The Cards are #3 in the nation in both the AP and USA Coaches Polls.  We are, therefore 99.99999% certain that the Cards will open in the KFC YUM! Center on a day to be determine yet. I mean, there is a astronomically remote possibility that the YUM! could decide it would rather bring in Bonzo's Travelling Circus or a reunion of the Monkees...but we're expecting to be at the big facility by the 2nd Street bridge on Friday, hopefully. 

We'll find out tonight. Unlike past years there will be no open party atmosphere for the fans to watch with the team. No Sports and Social Club gathering for the faithful down on the 4th Street Mall. In fact, one of the local radio stations is using the venue for men's tournament bracket free fill out and drop off purposes. 

Louisville will gather at the Thorntons Academic Center for Excellence around 6 p.m. to view the 7 p.m. Selection Show on ESPN. Media and "select" fans are invited to join the Cards, so I'll mosey on down and see if I can gain admission. Maybe we even get our "shared" photo guy and writer Jared Anderson in there also. 

Coach Walz and the players will be available to the media following the announcement of the Cardinals' seed and region. 

Region. That's the question. I logically assume, as just about every fan I've talked to does, that the Cards will get the Lexington region. Unfortunately, the NCAA is very illogical. I joked on radio Saturday that they'll probably form a fifth region for schools they don't like and hold it in Kauai, Hawaii next to an active volcano or hot lava.  

Who will the Cards face? It's pure speculation now. I wouldn't be surprised to see Oregon as the #2 seed and the committee may toss Tennessee and Ohio State in there as well to make the road tougher. Who knows. maybe Baylor drops and they end up in our region? 

I can't think of no better song for today than the classic "Where Do We Go From Here? (Games People Play)" by the Alan Parsons Project. Hear it here:

Please, just keep us on the opposite side of the sheet from UConn. I'd just as soon not tangle with those dogs again until the final game of the year. It is purely my personal wish, I know a lot of you want a rematch with them. I'd rather they get upset and knocked off. 

Tournament time, in our case here at Cardinal Couple, a joyous time of the year...filled with the anxious tracking of Walz and his Warriors .

So, we wait. On the other hand...


I'm not a fan of the "new" TBS way of announcing the NCAA men's brackets. Basically, we knew the Cards were out 10 minutes into the show. The "Gumball" even made a point of specifically saying so when it was revealed there were no "at large" teams starting with the letter "L" on the list. When Miami popped up, the Cards balloon burst. 

Alabama got in. That's a surprise. The Cards weren't even on the "first four out" list. 

So, hello N.I.T. for Padgett and his players. They'll bring in N.K.U.(that's Northern Kentucky University) for the first round of the 32-team format. Tuesday 7 p.m. on ESPN and at the KFC YUM! Center. 

Will you go? Will you watch? 

March Sadness, indeed, for the guys. Two years out of the last three now. This is a streak we don't want to see continued. 


We've sponsored a "pick 'em" for the Women's NCAA Tournament the past several years and gotten a fairly good response on it. We had a good response on our ACC Tournament "pick 'em". 

I'll be in touch with the tracking director of the ACC brackets (Jared Anderson) and see if he's interested in tracking stuff for the "Big Dance" for the women. We'll let you know tomorrow, after the brackets are released. 

We'll hit up "tightwad" Arch and see if we can get another Panera Card if we "do-do" a challenge. 




  1. Tough break for the guys but I'm excited for the women! All te way to Columbus!

    Curtis "I-71 North and I-75 North" Franklin

  2. i hope that we dont get baylor in the cards bracket a vert tough team

  3. Hope u guys do an NCAAW Challenge. Always great fun. Go Cards. Go to Lexington!

    Blue Lou

  4. I will support my Cards MBB and WBB wherever they end up. Yes, I'll go to the NIT games and the NCAA games for both schools.

    Nick O.

  5. I can't wait for the NCAAW selection show and hope that Louisville WBB gets the Lexington region too. I won't be there first/second round but I've already put in for tickets to the Lexington Regional.

    Some are saying Notre Dame might end up as the final #1 bracket pick with Lou, UConn and Ms.St? What do you all think about that?

    I can't see it. I think Baylor gets that spot.

    I'm also hoping USF Bulls get a good draw. They're fun to watch and would be a tough "out" for anyone.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  6. Nothing big has changed since the last "reveal". UCONN, Miss St, Louisville, and Notre Dame are the four #1 seeds, none suffered any losses knocking them down, which is what Baylor needed.
    And, they had them as the #2 seed in the Lex regional, if that stands...ugh!
    I'd rather ANY of the other #2 seeds in the same regional as us.
    We shall see.

  7. Jared says he'll give it a go and we got a $25 Panera Card secured for the winner. Send 'em in the comments sections once we know who is playing. 1-point per correct pick, Highest score wins. Tie-breaker is earliest entry. In case you are unfamiliar with the format it goes somethings like this:

    Round 1 ADVANCING: State, Tech, VoCal, Community, Chimp U, UofL, Paulie College, McAdams Institute, Jared AT&T, Case Institute, Bluenecks, Canada, Aussies, Euros, Trump Tech, Directional School, Private College, UConn, Cheaters, Down South U, Expensive U, Remote U, On-line U, UnAccredited U, U of Investigation, Sonya College, Joe Hill Academy, Hoops U, Probation U, Knucklehead U, Dancing U. Bellarmine

    Sweet Sixteen: State, Community, UofL, Paulie College, Jared A&T, Bluenecks, Aussies, Trump Tech, UConn, Down South U, On-Line U, U of Investigation, Sonya College, Hoops U, Knucklehead U, Bellarmine

    Great Eight: State, UofL, Jared A&T, Aussies, UConn, OnLine U, Sonya College, Bellarmine

    Final Four: UofL, Jared A&T, UConn, Sonya College

    Final Two: UofL, Sonya College

    Champs: Sonya College.

    Join in the fun! BE SOMEBODY! Invite your Aunt Tilly and the butcher at Kroger.

    Good LUCK AND Get out your pencils and pens!


    1. Just start with Connecticut on the champs line and work your way backwards.

    2. I think they are a couple of teams that can give UCONN a run for their money. Us, Baylor, and the same Miss St. team that eliminated them last year.

    3. Like Miss St last year, gonna need a lot of good fortune to beat them. They caught UConn on an extremely off night and needed an overtime buzzer beater to win.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Let's try this again. We leave Tuesday, arrive Wednesday night and got my seats. Would anyone think I'm too crazy if I take Ohio State and Notre Dame a long way, plus Louisville?


  9. No surprises.
    No love, either, Baylor, and by Baylor I mean Kalani Brown, would be a nightmare matchup.

    1. Never underestimate the power of Myisha

  10. I think they moved the lex bracket to opposite side of uconn. Previous reveal had ul on same side.

  11. Brackets show UL and WKU games both on espn2 at 12 pm friday. Any ideas as to what they are doing?


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