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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Molly Lockhart commits to WBB...WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Happy Wednesday Cards fans! With each passing day we edge closer to the start of the fall sports season. If you're like me, you have a calendar of the next few month's laid out for every game. If not, you can always listen to THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR on Saturdays and get the scheduling for the week. 

Women's soccer had their media shoot yesterday. If you're familiar with Snapchat, you can see some behind the scenes of the shoot at the UofL Sports Snapchat story for much of the remainder of the day. These incredibly designed posters should be coming out soon and we are exactly one week away from the start of the UofL women's soccer season! 

I wonder if we can find room for a poster at the WCHQ studios? We hate to take down Asia Durr's but maybe we'll find an unused wall and not have to. 

Volleyball released some pictures and videos of the inside of Cardinal Arena. It is really starting to come together. I understand Worldwide Jeff has already spotted his seat in the new configuration and is camped out in it -- waiting for first volley. It won't be long before fans pack the refurbished facility to cheer on a new era in Louisville Volleyball. 

As previously mentioned in several articles here, I want to extend congratulations to the UofL swimmers that helped USA win the world championship. UofL finished third out of the many colleges and universities that participated and Kelsi Worrell and Mallory Comerford added to their already impressive collection of award and trophies. 

Molly (on right) 
Some buzz surrounded the UofL women's basketball program last night with Louisville Butler's star Molly Lockhart committed to the 2018 class. She's 6'3" and has really been tearing up the summer club ball circuits. Supposedly she was asked how she felt, on a scale of 1-10 about the announcement, and she replied "10,000". That's strong stuff and a great get for the WBB Cards. Jump on Twitter and send her a "welcome aboard" message at @mollylockhartt

Paulie describes her as a "Sam Fuehring" proto-type -- Sam was All-American, so that's a pretty nice tag, right? 

Until next time, Go Cards!

Jared Anderson


  1. A great get for Cards in Lockhart. Saw her play last year a cople of times. She'll fit in nicely with what Walz is trying to do at Louisville. On a side note, when was the last time Walz (or WBB) had a class of prospectives that were ALL from this state?

    Robins - Mercer Co.
    Robinson - Ashland
    Lockhart - Lou. Butler

    1. Glad u know what Walz is trying to do with WBB. I sure don't and I wonder if he does.

  2. A all kentucky class that cool go cards.

  3. Precisely! Couldn't concur more with Walz throwing it up and hope they stick. Walz is digging hole. Next two years are big for this program. Unless some real cohesiveness magically shows up somewhere may not be able to finish in top 10. Not the end of the world but many in WCBB figuring out Walz is overrated

  4. Walz reminds me more and more of Brenda but she out recruits and beats him. Not convinced he is that much better coach when you include recruiting and results verse what she's done

  5. As an old guy who grew up in Shively, less than a mile from Butler High School, I'm glad to see Molly commit to the Cards.

    As to "Anonymous" reply above -- what do you want from Walz? Cards are in the national conversation, they contend in one of the two or three best WBB conferences, they recruit successfully on a national level and are consistently in the top five in attendance. All that is missing is a championship.

  6. Brenda not only beats him but in the Yum. Both times she had the better team for sure so she should have won but getting the better players which she did is part of the game.

  7. CJW barely beat the Guv last year despite the Guv running off half his team.

  8. Mike above makes all valid points. What I want is good solid basketball . Even when they win they don't play solid together. That's why they lost to every team they faced in the top 15. They couldn't rely on their talent to dig them out. They needed cohesiveness and they didn't have it.

  9. The loses to Maryland at the Yum both times Maryland started a freshman point guard that played terrific. Both have transferred out from Maryland.


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