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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Goals and Expectations...WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


The concepts of goals and expectations have been on my mind lately. The seeds for thought were planted by my buddy Howie Linsdey a couple of days ago on his morning radio show LOUISVILLE these two areas of thought weren't original. As I listened to his and Katie George's discussions and debate on goals and got me thinking about them, though...and not only in a personal sense...but in terms of some of the athletic teams I follow and report on. These are some of the things that have been on my mind. 

In terms of critical and introspective thinking, they've never really been a fore-runner in my long range plans. I tend to be a "live for today, one-day-at-a time" guy and focus more on daily operational and planning strategy. I suppose my goals and expectations are rather basic and non-complicated, as a rule. I wake up and hope to have a good morning. I want to meet the obligations and events on the day's calendar. I try to be a pleasant person...helpful to my wife and try to look at most things in a positive light. To eat properly and nutritionally. To stay hydrated and try and keep my body in somewhat functional order. You think more about that at 60, I least I think I have...than you do at 30. Or 15. Be a good and helpful person. Drive safely. 

The basic concepts of day to day existance come without much thought or deliberation. I also try to find a way to include or inject a little humor or levity into my daily life. Humor is important and a good thing. For you and those around you. It takes less effort to smile than frown. Smile and the world smiles with you type of rationale. Some days go better than others. Sometimes, in the words of Stevie may have had to cry today. It happens. 


On sports, it gets a bit more complicated. Goals and expectations for your team(s) you follow and root for. I would venture that most fans, at the start of a season have a goal or expectation for their team to have a successful season. A national championship. Conference title. Or maybe just a winning season...depending on the skill level and strength of  the athletes you cheer for. 

I'd like to see, I expect and my goals for the UofL women's basketball squad are to reach the Final Four and avoid landing in UConn's region. If achieved, then I'll come up with a new goal. I can't control the expectations for this, though...since I'm not on the NCAA Selection Committee and have no influence in the seeding and site locations. I'd guess reaching the Final Four and beyond is a goal some of the players have, as well. 

Jeff Walz will tell you that his goal is to see his squad win the final six games of the year. That, of course, means that they have won each game in the NCAA Tournament and are the National Champions. A great goal. This goal is probably consistent with most of the college coaches in Division I WBB...the expectations of reaching that goal, of course, vary from program to program. I don't expect Boston College to reach the Final Four. I didn't expect Syracuse to last year, though, and I was incorrect in my expectations. Without purposely or intentionally picking on him or his squad...does the coach (Jim Foster) at Chattanooga expect to be in Dallas coaching the Mocs on March 31st? His goal is to get there, I'm sure...but does anyone expect that? I'm sure Connecticut's Geno Auriemma has the same be a Final Four team and the expectations of that are pretty common around the women's college basketball world. 

Goals and observations get adjusted some times. Once it is clear that you cannot meet your goal, you go through an adjustment time. Pittsburgh WBB and their fans probably realized or observed that their goal of beating Louisville last Sunday wasn't likely to happen when Mariya Moore sank two free throws with 49 second to play to make the score 61-48 Louisville. That goal was still possible, though...and expectations most likely still alive when Brenna Wise sank a three-pointer to make the score 53-46 with 3:30 left in the game. 

Jordan McNary, of Louisville softball fame, was quite clear about what her goals and expectations were for her team this season when I spoke with her recently. To get to the NCAA Regional, advance to the Super Regional and then to the College World Series. To win the ACC Regular season and then conference tournament. So many incoming freshmen will tell you that their goals and expectations are to win a National Championship during their time on campus. Monique Reid told me years ago that she expected to play in the Final Four every year. She's the only UofL WBB player that pulled it off twice in her time on campus

As we roll into February, what are your goals and expectations for the Louisville women's basketball team over these next two months? Does the goal(s) you hope for have a high expectation rate among the rest of the college basketball world? Which players have met the goals you expected from them and who has over-achieved or under-achieved so far? 

Let us know in the comments section. 



So you say that you've got an interest in Louisville Softball this year but don't know just how many games you'll actually be able to attend? 

No worries! The Cards will be shown on the ACC Network Extra and ESPNU a whopping 31 times this season. We also figure we'll be able to pick up some of the away contest through different schools' websites. Here's the scheduled broadcasts....Play Ball! 

2017 Louisville Softball Television Schedule
3/3/173:00 PMIndiana State at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/3/175:30 PMUW-Green Bay at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/4/1712:30 PMBowling Green at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/4/173:00 PMUW-Green Bay at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/5/1712:30 PMBowling Green at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/10/171:30 PMIUPUI at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/10/173:00 PMOhio at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/11/1712:30 PMWright State at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/11/173:00 PMNorthern Iowa at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/12/1712:30 PMNorthern Iowa at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/17/174:00 PMPittsburgh at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/18/171:00 PMPittsburgh at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/19/1712:00 PMPittsburgh at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/22/176:00 PMWisconsin at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
3/29/176:00 PMIndiana at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
4/1/1712:00 PMNotre Dame at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
4/2/172:00 PMNotre Dame at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumESPNU
4/3/177:00 PMNotre Dame at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumESPNU
4/12/176:00 PMKentucky at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
4/15/1712:00 PMLouisville at Virginia TechBlacksburg, Va.ACC Network Extra
4/15/172:30 PMLouisville at Virginia TechBlacksburg, Va.ACC Network Extra
4/18/175:00 PMLipscomb at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
4/19/176:00 PMWestern Kentucky at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
4/22/1712:00 PMFlorida State at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
4/23/1712:00 PMFlorida State at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumESPNU
4/24/177:00 PMFlorida State at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumESPNU
4/28/176:00 PMVirginia at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
4/29/171:00 PMVirginia at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
4/30/1712:00 PMVirginia at LouisvilleUlmer StadiumACC Network Extra
5/6/175:00 PMLouisville at NC StateRaleigh, N.C.ACC Network Extra
5/7/1712:00 PMLouisville at NC StateRaleigh, N.C.ACC Network Extra
5/11-13/17TBDACC ChampionshipChapel Hill, N.C.RSN/ACC Network Extra


  1. My desire and maybe expectations is for the women's basketball team to represent the University with pride and deportment. Hopefully that will lead to championships, but even if it does not, I will applaud effort and maturity. Championships are not necessary to earn my devotion and respect. On the other hand, championships won't hurt.

  2. My pre-season goals for Louisville WBB was to see them finish the regular season in the Top Ten and get to the Final Four. My expectations are still high on that goal. I expected Asia Durr would have a great season and that is happening. I expected Myisha Hines-Allen to have another ACC POY season and that hasn't happened yet. I didn't expect or make a goal out of winning the ACC regular season or conference tournament. I realized going in to the season just how tough and talented Notre Dame and FSU could be. I am surprised on how close some of the Irish's games have been, though.

    Overall, I'm still seeing my goals meeting the expectations for the most part. Anything the Cards can do to exced them is fine with me.

    I'm hoping someone can knock off UConn. I just have this feeling the NCAA won't give Louisville a chance to go to Lexington for the regionals and ship them off to Bridgeport. I hope this expectation doesn't get met.

    Personally, Paulie I don't care how many times softball is on the ACC Network Extra but I'm sure you have plenty of readers that might. You know my feelings toward softball and baseball.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. What's the old saying, "That's why they make Fords and Chevrolet's."?

      I was sharing with Paulie the other night now excited I am for Softball to get underway at Ulmer. Although, my experience in watching softball is far different than nearly everyone else who might. Sitting the press box makes things a bit different. :)

  3. Nice Piece. In my view nothing is more important than goal setting on a personal, team or organizational level. I think the problem comes in when goals are set without also putting a plan in place to reach those goals along with having the discipline to follow the plan. Without following a plan goal setting is not much more than wishful thinking.

    I've never been a Geno fan, probably because the Huskies consistently hammered our club but frankly if you look back at the history of how he came into the UConn job and how he had a very specific vision of what he wanted his program to be it's pretty impressive. First he had to sell it to Chris Daley and get her on board and together they got it done.

    Many folks may forget but Geno's club only won their first national title after he had coached there for ten years. He had a vision and he stuck to it. Some may remember the vitriol with which he was treated by most in the WCBB community for many years. He overcame it because he had a clear, unalterable vision of what he was trying to do. To be clear I don't like Geno much but it is what it is.

    I think Walz has been around for ten years now...hopefully his vision is as clear and his resolve is as strong.

  4. Goals are to be the best women's college basketball team playing in the best college basketball arena in the nation. Expectations have not been met yet but I remain hopeful they will.

    Curtis "We put 10,000 in you guys doing?" Franklin

  5. Softball seems to be loaded and ready to have a great season from what I am reading. I will make a few games this year and follow them on ACC Network. That's a good goal and expectation for me since I've never followed much more than basketball an a bit of volleyball for UofL women's sports. The Deb Factor.

  6. The cards must beat Notre Dame this year we have the talent.
    To move up to a 2 or 3 seed.


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