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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Louisville women's basketball throws bulls-eye against Dartmouth 94-52 -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Coach Sam W. in her ugly sweater
Louisville shot 52.1% and put Briahanna Jackson (14), Sam Fuehring (14), Myisha Hines-Allen (13), Asia Durr (12) and Erin DeGrate (10) in double figures Tuesday night while creating 22 turnovers in a win that got the Cards back to .500 (5-5) for the season. 

Despite the huge win, Jeff Walz wasn't totally satisfied with his team's effort against the Big Green on Ugly Sweater night in front of a crowd of 7971.

Coach Walz is 2-0 lifetime in this ugly sweater.
(Photo by Charlie Springer - UofL Card Game)
"They (Dartmouth) average 52 points a game and that's exactly what we held them to. We scored 94 and that's fantastic...but we didn't do anything but hold them to their average. We've got to figure out how to take a lot more pride in what we're doing. We're really having difficulties in communicating the importance of defense to our kids."

We thought there might be a chance to see extended freshman play last evening against the (2-9) Big Green and Walz sent the group into the fray en masse with 5:20 left in the first period to replace starters Mariya Moore, Myisha Hines-Allen, Cortnee Walton, Briahanna Jackson and Arica Carter with the Cards holding a 6-2 lead but guilty of two turnovers and shooting just 3-8 from the floor. 

Coach Steph displays her ugliness in sweater choices as well
Asia Durr, Sam Fuehring, Brianna Jones, Taja Cole and Erin DeGrate played together for three minutes and got scores from Durr and DeGrate to push the lead to 10-6 but a scary scene developed with 1:42 remaining when Durr went to the floor and had to be helped off the court....favoring her left ankle. The Cards held a 15-7 lead after ten minutes and were outscoring Dartmouth 10-0 in the paint. 

Ugly shoes and socks even got in on the act.
Walz put four of the starters back in the contest with Durr (who suffered a slight ankle roll) and Louisville ahead 21-13 at the 6:40 mark. A basket by Durr gave Louisville a 27-20 lead with 4:11 left until half-time and her score started a 12-3 run to finish the half...that included threes from Jackson and a nifty move by Hines-Allen in the paint to give the Cards a 39-23 lead after two periods. 

Dartmouth's Lakin Roland's grandmother representing
The Cards were shooting 42.1 % on 16-38 shooting. So was Dartmouth...going 8-19 from the floor. Hines-Allen had eight points on 4 for 5 shooting and Durr totaled seven first half points.

Louisville turned up the effort after the half...going on a 15-0 run from the 8:03 mark to 4:39. Jackson canned three threes in that stretch...putting Louisville ahead 59-28. DeGrate connected on a nice feed from Moore and Hines-Allen added a free throw to set the tally at 62-36 after thirty minutes. 

Cardinal fans were wearing ugly sweaters, too
A wide variety of combinations saw the court for Louisville in the final period...the Cards outscoring Dartmouth 32-16. Jones, DeGrate, Weatherford, Fuehring and Cole finished out the final five minutes for UofL. Fuehring went 5-5 from the floor and 2-25 from the stripe to score 12 points in the final quarter...Louisville shot 70.6% on 12-17 shooting in that final ten and held the visitors to 36%. 

A win that was fully expected and that gave Coach Walz the opportunity to try quite a few different all players at least 10 minutes (Weatherford) on the court and no player more than 24 (Moore, Walton). 

UofL Pep Band bassist rockin' the ugly sweater
The Cards out-rebounded Dartmouth 45-27 and hit 10-22 from the three-point range. Jackson had four of those...Durr and Weatherford added two each. Moore was an uncharacteristic 1-6 from the deep and Cole hit the only three she attempted. 

Points in the paint went to Louisville by a whopping 40-4 margin and the Cards held a 29-7 edge in points off turnovers. 


This sweater may have been the ugliest of all...EEEWWWW
-- Yay! Dakota!  Not only did she get her first points of the season...she ended with eight points and had three assists an a steal. A great, hustling effort for the attack Yorkie from Cicero, IN.

-- Further on with Fuehring. A big fourth quarter the 6'2" freshman...showing some drive and determination in the paint. Free throw shooting still needs a little work but we saw her take it to the hoop big time against the tall Dartmouth interior. 

Paige Sherrard getting ugly on press row with this sweater
-- Myisha Claus? The sophomore came to the post-game presser wearing a Santa hat and did a few dance moves before answering questions. When asked if she asked Walz whether she could wear the hat during the game...she shyly lowered her head and replied " got it from a fan after the game." 


Defense. One wouldn't think that defense would be an issue in a 42-point win, but Hines-Allen and Walz both indicated that it was the thing that needs the most improvement with the squad.

Double the ugly in sweaters right behind me! 
Free Throws. 10-17 won't cut it and the combined 6-13 from Walton, Hines-Allen and Fuehring must improve before conference play. Durr and DeGrate, at least, were perfect...going 2-2 each. 

C.J.'s Jonathan Lintner keeping it ugly in sweater choices
The effort may not have been picture perfect all 40 minutes tonight....but Cardinal fans needed a blow-out, good-time-in-the Yum! outing and they got one tonight. There were encouraging things from the freshmen tonight, but as Walz pointed out in the post-game presser....they cannot simply rest on the laurels of a good performance and decide to not work as hard in the future. 

The sweaters may have been ugly but the win wasn't and the redemption train successfully rolls through another stop

Louisville returns to action on Friday with a trip to Cookeville, TN to face Tenn. Tech. 



  1. Maybe Walz is taking this bad defense thing too far. From what I saw last night with all the different combinations consistent defense would have been a tricky thing to pull off. Especially with the Louisville bench getting so many minutes. I'll give the defense a C+ last night. Where Louisville really needs work is on the offensive boards. 16 offensive boards and only 21 second chance points. What has happened to Moore? Have defenses finally figured out she's pretty much one dimensional?

    Blue Lou

    1. Defense still needs a lot of work. Dartmouth isn't a great shooting team but they were getting a lot of open looks against the Cards and couldn't convert. Defense does look better than it did at the start of the season but must improve if Louisville wants to have success in the ACC.


    2. It is all about fundamentals. The basics. Kids aren't taught defense in high school and on the club teams anymore. It's up to the college coaches to teach it. The good thing is that these Cardinals are a excellent bunch of athletes so the skills will come in time. Young team, growing pains but I still see great things for this squad.

      -- The Real Joe Hill --

    3. Moore has no inside or mid-range game. Not the best ball handler or finisher either due to how easy it is to block her shot near the basket.
      She can pass and shoot the three.

  2. Much of good defense comes from the desire to not let your man score. Desire to stop your man translates into learning HOW to play defense.

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