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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Cardinal Couple -- The demise of local UofL sports television


- WAVE TV to be the new home of Cardinal Athletics

- Collmus leaving Churchill

New conference, new changes...

It's been announced that WAVE TV will be the local affiliate for UofL Sports in the 2014-15 season. WHAS TV had this role for the broadcast rights since 2004...prior to that, FOX affiliate WDRB had the "CARDS ON FOX" rights.

Who could forget Don Russell and Dave Sullivan calling football? 

But...the days of Drew Deener calling UofL WBB broadcasts are over. ACC is RAYCOM, WAVE TV is RAYCOM. 

The ACC has exclusive television broadcasting rights for ACC events...and between WAVE and ESPN...they promise a lot of Cardinal games. We've already heard of women's field hockey and soccer games that will be shown on ESPN 3 or ESPN U. 

This is good.

But what is bad is that we are losing the local flavor, familiarity and home-town based flavor that Deener, Valvano, Jared Stillman and Howie Lindsey used to bring. 

And a considerable amount of television exposure will disappear, too. You could go to WHAS 2 and see volleyball, softball, soccer, field hockey, baseball and even lacrosse with Sean Moth or Patty Norton Dennison giving the play-by-play. 

That is done with. 

The ACC owns the television airwaves. Kent Taylor of WAVE is expected to be the front man for coaches' show and the like. They might as well have a babbling chimp smoking Marlboro's on screen with Petrino and Pitino. Taylor is all smoke and mirrors, glitz and glamour. 

No radio changes that we have heard of....yet. For the meantime, we assume that Paul Rogers will still handle football and basketball play-by-play. Matt Andrews and AJ are expected back for WBB. Sean Moth will still do baseball from what we are hearing. 

This is good.

They do an excellent job calling the Cards over the radio airwaves. Especially Andrews. His account is descriptive, precise, objective,   accurate, informative and you can close your eyes and visualize the action on the hardwood. 

We are a TV society, however. Losing UofL women's sporting events for broadcast just because the ACC has no desire to cover them is not cool. Why not give a school a local television broadcast option? I will point to Kentucky and the UK IMG network and rest my case. Even with Gary Gupton. 

The price of making it to the big time...sometimes it does not glitter with golden rays. 


Larry Collmus is leaving Churchill Down after the Fall Meet to call the trifecta of tracks in New York (Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga)

I have some thoughts on this over at my personal blog. Link below. 




  1. Maybe Title IX should be applied to more football unless you broadcast volleyball. Hmmmm....I think I like that.

    1. FWIW, the ACC announcement of "television" coverage for Olympic sports listed 8 UofL Volleyball matches.


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