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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Cardinal Couple Report by David Watson

The Saturday Cardinal Couple report

by: David Watson

Hello Cardinal Couple readers!

Yes, it's been a long time since I've graced these Paulie pages of UofL women's sports. An early morning phone call from a distraught and anxious Paulie that revealed he was having computer issue and unable to post an article or get online.

"Now batting for CC - - David Watson"

The radio show that Paulie and Worldwide do occasionally features a rant from Worldwide.

Oh, and Paulie wanted me to remind you -- dear readers -- that the show will be on this morning from 11 a.m. to noon this morning.

I'm going to rant via internet today but the subject is going to be a positive rant.

The ACC is one month away for Louisville Athletics. This just may be the biggest event in the history of Cardinal sports. Louisville joins a conference where the competition increases in toughness and skill level against every opponent. If you look at the almost 20 sports that are offered in the ACC -- from basketball to volleyball -- this is the toughest conference to become a Conference Champion in.

It is also a proud conference in terms of tradition and rivalries. Duke vs. North Carolina. FSU vs. Miami. A conference where the Cards will hook up again with some long time adversaries (Syracuse, Pitt) and start some very great annual battles.

Florida State and Miami come to Papa John's for football. That needs no other platitudes.

This ACC entrance also has increased the task level and pressure on every coach under Tom Jurich's domain. Lacrosse's Kellie Young, field hockey's Justine Sowry, Jeff Walz, Sandy Pearsall, Karen Ferguson Dayes -- just to name a few -- will be seeing stronger and tougher in-conference battles than they have ever seen in their head coaching careers.

I am excited. I live in Florida now. These schools, these trips for away games -- for the most part will be shorter and much more lucrative than going to Houston, Dallas, Rhode Island or Chicago.

The times ahead promise thrilling competition, more nationwide exposure than ever before and a direct challenge for the new kids on the block to see if the can establish the same dominance that they had in the BIG EAST and AAC.

I'm pumped, stoked and geeked up. This 2014-15 season can't start soon enough.

Paulie hopes to return to these pages tomorrow. I'm sure there is a certain communications provider in Louisville that is getting blasted by "the big guy" this morning.

Thank you for letting me share my excitement with you today about this brave, new world the Cards are entering.

Good bye Philly, hello Chapel Hill!

David Watson

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  1. Hi, David! Good to see you on the site again. I agree completely about the upgtade of competition on the conference level...exception, though, in women's college basketball.

    The AAC and Big East were very competitive leagues mainly because of Connecticut, of course. Looking at the BIG EAST, though, in respect to a few years ago. That was the premier leauge of all-time. Strong Syracuse, Rutgers, St. John's, Louisville and Notre Dame programs made that an incredible competition league.

    Whether UNC, Duke, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Florida St., Miami and Louisville will be a tougher core than the one mentioned above in debatable. It will be a ton of fun to watch, though.

    Blue Lou


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