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Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Cardinal Couple -- The AAC and thoughts on Bobby and UofL



- He's back...

No real surprises in the AAC WBB stats. Louisville, UConn and Rutgers sit atop the standings. As of 1/2/14...they were the only undefeated schools in conference play. All three won Saturday.

The conference has nine American Players of the Week. Shoni was the most recent one...her first time on the list. Keena Mays (SMU) has been awarded the honor three times. Breanna Stewart, Bria Hartley and Stef Dolson at UConn once each.  Jeanise Randolph (UConn) and Betinjah Laney (Rutgers) have been selected once also.

Mays leads the conference in scoring. Shoni leads in threes. Alisia Jenkins (USF) is the leading rebounder and Dolson has the only triple-double this year.

Games to keep an eye on Saturday and Sunday? We'll tackle Louisville at USF, SMU at Rutgers, Temple at UConn and Houston at Cincinnati.

Got two good interviews planned for Saturday radio. I'll be talking with Sandy Pearsall and Kellie Young. After all, softball and lacrosse aren't far away!



Yeah...we've been getting e-mail about the return of Bobby Petrino as the UofL football head coach. We are a women's sports site, make NO mistake about it. But, if you want my opinion about it? OK...Here goes.

I started attending UofL Football games in 1971. Me and my dearly departed Dad. We did the unthinkable thing back then of going to a game three hours early and eating chicken and drinking beverages in the Cardinal Stadium parking lot. They call it tailgaiting now. We didn't know the name for it, we just liked it

The security folks at the KFEC didn't understand it. They thought we were nuts. It was a bonding thing between me and my Dad. A couple of guys talking about life. There were others out there too, so I'm not going to pull an Al Gore and say we invented it. It had been going on in the SEC for years.

This was the MVC. The Missouri Valley Conference. We had home games against Tampa, Drake, Wichita State and Southern Illinois. They weren't well attended. You could get free tickets at the Convenient Food Marts. They're not around anymore.

A guy named Lee Corso was the head coach then. He had an impressive linebacker named Tom Jackson. They were both fun to watch. They still talking heads for ESPN football coverage.

I've been a UofL fan ever since. All sports. Countless road trips. Watching women's basketball before men's games in Freedom Hall. Seeing Kristin Mattox sink shots from all over the court and literally being too tired to walk off the court at Cardinal Arena after beating DePaul. Going to Manual High School to see Jackie Spencer and team defeat Florida State.

Bobby Petrino created a lot of happy times for watching games when he was here previously. He's made some bad, check that...stupid life choices. He says he's a changed man.

I'm all about second chances. I've benefited from them.

Put your actions where your mouth is...Bobby. Show us. Do well and stay out of trouble. Keep the momentum Charlie Strong started going. Enjoy time with your golfing daughter here at UofL. Don't betray the trust. 

Don't be the butthead you used to be.

If we are your "destination"...then do the things a permanent resident does. Catch a few WBB games. Show up at the new Soccer Stadium. Talk to Jeff Walz, Sandy Pearsall and Karen Fergsuon Dayes.

They get it. I hope you do, too.



  1. UK's losses to Florida and South Carolina show that either the SEC is pretty good this year or Matthew Mitchell has lost his handle on this squad. Watched parts of the Florida game. Cats seemed almost disinterested at times.


    1. De'Nesha Stallworth only very recently returned to the UK lineup, after having knee surgery shortly after the UL/UK game.
      I believe the Florida game was her first game back. Not sure how much of this is Mitchell loosing the reigns on his fillies as it is their big post player not being back to full speed.
      I do think that the competition level in the SEC is beginning to even out a bit. TN use to be the run away favorite, and with their recent drought in FF, the rest of the teams are catching up (or TN is backsliding, I think it depends on who you ask).

    2. Mitchell's post game radio comments after the Florida loss seemed to indicate a communication breakdown between him and the team. Not sure what happened in the SC game...but they got spanked...down by 20 at times. Stallworth played less than 10 minutes against Fla. Haven't checked her SC stat line.

      Walker picking up the slack but agreed that Stallworrth, when healthy, can take over a game.


  2. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Friday Cardinal Couple -- The AAC and thoughts on ...":

    FYI: UK women lost to S Carolina by 10 last night and trailed by 20 at times in 2nd half.

  3. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Friday Cardinal Couple -- The AAC and thoughts on ...":

    Bobby said that he was emotionally committed to UL then noted he was also contractually committed. He indicated a 10 million dollar buy out. So, either way UL wins even if I have to hold my nose for awhile. We should get an even better team for whatever length of time he is here and if he leaves bEfore 7 years UL gets 10 million to sooth its wounds.

  4. Bobby Petrino back? It is a tough pill to swallow. It is revealing that three of his four kids attended or are attending UofL. Maybe this is home. Maybe he has changed. I'm glad they are keeping Clint Hurtt. But, I still don't trust him. He'll sneak around the Maginot Line again and attack France.

    the real Joe Hill

  5. The national media is laughing at you, UofL. Only Louisville would make a move like this with Petrino. Your pain will come again when he leaves. Wait for it.

    Green n gold

    1. Tom Jurich has long proven that a) he knows what he is doing and b) that he is a man who is fair, and one that believes in people and believes in giving people chances.
      I also think TJ will tell you he could care less what the National Media think. I think his track record speaks for itself when it comes to coaches. What others think is irrelevant. Yes, he is THAT man.

      IF, and that is a big IF, Petrino were to leave, his exit fee will have been worth whatever he gave U of L in time. $10 mil is nothing to sneeze at. For comparison sake, Uof L paid $11 mil to leave the Big East...Petrino would pay $10 to leave. If he tries to "get" Louisville, he will be equally bitten back.

    2. The 10 mil buyout starts to decrease after the fourth year. Given the staying time of UofL's last several football coaches ( Strong four years, Krags three years, Bobby I four years, John L five years and Cooper three years) it's a interesting codicle.

      As for 'green and gold' are you a USF fan? Talk about football uncertainy? They also raided WKU (Willie Taggert) for their current coach. Get ready for the WBB beatdown Sunday.


  6. Stallworth had 11 points in 20 minutes. Now, could we please stop talking UK WBB?

  7. Trust Jurich. He's earned it. Big risk but it's his call.

    I like the black uniforms!!!!!


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