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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Cardinal Couple -- Boogie with Bulls



Louisville breaks a 66-66 tie with back-to-back threes from Shoni Schimmel and Nita Slaughter and hangs on to win 78-75. Shoni with a career high 38 in the game and career high eight three-pointers. Jenny will have more on this "Cardiac" win later...

-Boogie With the Bulls tonight

(Quentin Voigt provides the scout on the University of Louisville women's basketball team's next opponent...a visit to Tampa and game against the South Florida Bulls.)

Wednesday, January 30th. 7 p.m. brings the next test for Jeff Walz's Lady Cards...a showdown in the Sun Dome in Tampa against Jose Fernandez's USF Bulls.

These Bulls are 14-5 on the season and 3-3 in BIG EAST play. Conference losses have come against Notre Dame in Tampa, a four point win by UND in overtime. USF has also fallen on the road to DePaul by 16 and at Villanova by three.

USF's Andrell Smith
Players to watch for USF included the Smith sisters Andrea and Andrell. Andrea averages 17.7 ppg and Andrell contributes 15.9 ppg. Inga Orekhova is good for 11.6 for the team and all three are deadly from long range. The front line features Caitlin Rowe and Akita MacDonald, both 6'4" and they and freshman Alisha Jenkins are the major rebounders for Fernandez's squad.

The Smiths and Rowe came from Gulf Coast Community College, where they won the National Junior Community College title in the 2009-10 season.

Last time out, USF handled Marquette 58-48 in the SunDome on Saturday. Freshman guard Courtney Williams had 10 points in the win and Jenkins grabbed 11 rebounds.

The Russian Rocket - Inga Orekhova
Like Louisville, when USF gets on a run, they're hard to handle. I look at this one as a very close contest and predict the Cards win by three.

-Quentin Voigt


USF is a dangerous, dangerous team. The Russian rocket Orekhova can bury you from deep. The Smith's are hard-nosed, aggressive ballers that can score from anywhere. Louisville trailed USF last year at halftime and was fortunate to go on a late run in the YUM! to win 63-57. Sheronne Vails and Cierra Warren combined for 24 points last year against them. Warren, of gone. There's still an APB out on Vails, according to some, too.

UofL's Andrell Smith
Louisville is headed into an arena that holds 10,000 but has only managed to get an average of 1100 in for games. Wouldn't surprise us if that isn't doubled tonight...Louisville does have a sizable fan base in the area and opponents do love to come  out and cheer against the Cards when they come to town.

Just in case any football fans have wandered over here and are confused...the Andrell Smith USF guard and Andrell Smith UofL wide receiver aren't related. They're both excellent at their respective sports, though

How does Louisville pull off the win in hostile territory? Honestly, I don't think they do tonight. The Bulls came darn close to knocking off Notre Dame in the Sun Dome.

But, if they do win on the road, they'll need super efforts out of Bria and Shoni, along with a return of the Vails from last year and a strong Sara effort. We know we can count on Nita for a big game. I do hope it's a big enough effort to get the Cards a win. Really, I do.

I hate to say it, hope I'm dead wrong...but I'm calling "Bull" on this one. USF by 6. Prove me wrong, please.

You might be able to watch this one on BullsVision for a fee. It's unclear whether the video or just the audio is being offered over there. Sign up at the official USF sports site. We'll probably just give AJ and Matt a listen on WKJK 1080 or

I may switch over and give USF Bulls women's basketball play-by-play guy Alex Perlman a listen. He's one of the best young announcers in the business. Even if he attended Syracuse and looks like attorney Cary Agos on "The Good Wife". (Which has Sonja enamored with him...)

Coach Walz talks about stealing wins on the road in the BIG EAST. If the Cards can pull this heist off, the team's picture should be posted in all the post offices...because it will be the theft of the century. Let's hope Al Capone, John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson are sitting on the Cardinal bench. "Theft in Tampa". Let's hope so.

Jenny will be by to do the recap later tonight or tomorrow.



  1. USF hasn't been giving up a lot of points lately. I see this one as a "fifty-something to fifty-something" game. I'm attending, will e-mail you my thoughts, Paulie.

    --Joe Hill--


  2. Hey Joe, why not post your thoughts on here? Would like to hear from one who was there live.
    And to Card Couple or any readers who may know--why isn't the ladies Final Four-Championship Game banner hanging in the YUM!, or am I that blind and haven't spotted it?

    1. I'll put something in the comments section tomorrow.

      --Joe Hill--

    2. Pretty sure it hangs in the YUM! K., but I'll double check


  3. You forgot Billy the Kid and Jesse James, Paulie

    Picking against the Cards, though? C'mon Paulie. School pride!

    Curtis Franklin

    1. It's the ol' "say the opposite and hope for the other" ploy, C.F. Obviously, I want all UofL sports teams to win every time out. I just remember looking at this one on the schedule when it came out and grimacing. And, the Bulls are 9-2 at home this year. They gave Notre Dame all they wanted down there. Took them to overtime.

      The Smith twins are more physical than our guards. Orekhova a Becky Burke clone. They're getting some great freshman contribution as well.

      If UofL can get off to a Marquette like start and manage not to let it slip away, a win is very possible. We'll see who wants this one the most.


    2. GO CARDS!!!!!!

  4. Great win! Good to hear that South Florida pressured and pressed us all game.. it didn't seem to phase us much. Great preparation for a hack and hold Georgetown squad. I was really worried about this game and the last one without Mo but we pulled them out. 7 game winning streak coming into the ND game would be fantastic!

  5. Amazing what Walz has done with all of these injuries the past few seasons.


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