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Friday, July 9, 2010

Asia Taylor ready for the season to begin

CARDINAL COUPLE caught up with power forward Asia Taylor after the FILA Summer Derby Classic. She was there with her UofL womens' basketball teammates, watching and supporting as Kentucky Premier won their final game of the tournament.

Two things you notice about her when you talk to her. First, that she has the body build and strength to be one of the dominant front line players in the Big East this year. Secondly, there is a confidence and maturity about her that will come in handy with so many new Cardinals on the team this year. Here's the interview:

CARDINAL COUPLE: What did you think about this Premier team that just won? They're pretty impressive aren't they?

TAYLOR: Yeah, they get up and down the floor really well and they've got a lot of good it was pretty fun to watch.

CARDINAL COUPLE: Do you think Sarah Hammond is one of the best players in the state next year?

TAYLOR: I do think she could possibly be. She's very fundamental. She's got a great game.

CARDINAL COUPLE: HOw would you like to have her on the LADY CARDS next year?

TAYLOR: Definitely! We want her here, really bad.

CARDINAL COUPLE: The word is out on you that you've really come on this summer and are the "beast" of the Cardinals...what have you done concerning your game and talk a little about the injury.

TAYLOR: (Laughing) Well, that's really nice...whoever said that about me. Basically, I just feel more like me...I'm about 90% right now and everything is feeling good. My ankle is letting me do what I want to do on it. Back in May, when I went home, I got in the gym a lot and worked everyday. I'm hoping it's starting to pay off. I hope that if my teammates get me the ball and look for me I can get it done. It's going to be a really good year for us. That's guaranteed.

CARDINAL COUPLE: You and Keisha are the lone returnees on the front line this year. You've had a chance to get on the court with the newer girls. Who is going to be battling you for playing time?

TAYLOR: I really can't say. I love 'em all and it's just going to be a battle, for real. It going to be whoever wants it the most. We all encourage everybody and we've all been working whoever makes it, makes it. We're all going to keep working.

CARDINAL COUPLE: We're certainly looking for big things this year out of UofL and we're all very happy that Asia landed in Louisville.

TAYLOR: (Laughing) It's definitely going to be a great year. Believe that. And tell Ms. Sonja hello for me.

If Asia's confidence and belief in this team and in her game is any indication of how the Cardinals' year will could be very good, indeed.

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