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Friday, July 12, 2024

A couple of questions with WBB Asst. Coach Amanda Butler -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Good morning everyone and welcome back to my favorite day of the week!

Cardinal Couple officially welcomes Amanda Butler to the Louisville women's basketball staff and the city of Louisville and I got the chance to pop over to the practice facility at meet our new coach!  

Daryl Foust (l) and Amanda Butler (r)

So I wanted to share a couple things we chatted about!  I really appreciate Amanda's time and look forward to supporting another basketball season from the sidelines.  

Coach says she spent the first solid week in Louisville and will be going out recruiting trips soon.  Says they have gone to check out some restaurants with some of the coaching staff and is taking recommendations of where to visit.  Enjoys cooking at home with family (has two boys 4 and 7).  Fan of bourbon.  From Tennessee, family lives right across the border..  which made a 'personal pull' for her to want to relocate to Louisville.

Amanda Butler: Thank you for the coverage cant underestimate how important that is and telling our stories and generating coverage beyond social media. Its so important.  We've got a great product and a great leader we want to soar from the mountain tops and we appreciate the megaphone you provide us. 

Daryl Foust: How are you getting acclimated with the city and the program. 

AB: Love the city, been here many times.  Majority of times its to recruit and to play so you don't get to enjoy and experience the charm and the city and all that Louisville has to offer, always watch the Derby every year and (Head Coach) Jeff's been a friend over the years and you have an idea of Louisville but actually being here and living here and seeing the things, eating food and learning the places outside just the work experience.  Then there's the eliteness of what Louisville basketball means and the program that's  been built and the eliteness of the people that are drawn to it, the student athletes the staff that Walz has put together, its fantastic to be a part of something so special. 

DF:  You familiar with Walz prior to this so how did this link up come to fruition?

AB:  The basketball community is big and small. its big as in its grown significantly but its small in that if you are fortunate enough to stay in the business for a long time you create connections and relationships and if you're fortunate enough to be in a position where there is an opening and this is what were looking for you could have someone in your network of people who think 'this might be a good idea', it was something we talked about a couple times and here we are.  

DF: We are glad to have you and look to help take the program to the next level, a national championship..

AB:  Its a definite goal and a definite challenge.  I really hope I can contribute in a way that helps us achieve that. I'm doing a lot of learning right now, the processes, the culture.   Walz and Steph Norman and AJ and when you have a player like Cortnee Walton who's played here, you've got a tremendous combination of people who have been around the program for a long time who have who have worked very hard to put us in the position were in and where we can have legit final four , national championship, ACC championship conversations.  An athletic culture that Josh has created to win national championships

DF:  What was your knowledge of the program before you arrived and now that you're in it?

AB:  Jeff is one of the most underrated coaches, the level of consistency and the string of elite 8's, throw in a few final fours, you can count on one hand who have done the things he has done in the post season.  Its a very hard thing to do to go to an elite 8 and final four and to be able to claim multiple ones, not enough people understand what an accomplishment that is.

When you're competing against that, you know they're going to be tough he's an excellent strategist and  great in game adjustments.  They've always done an outstanding job of recruiting the players that can be successful here.    Whether it's a top 10 or 20 kid or it's seeing the fit for someone who isn't, but they're a championship level competitor. Jeff and his staff are known for their creativity and work ethic in recruiting so its exciting to be a part of that and hopefully contribute but also learn a lot as well. The culture, the steadiness, the toughness, and the pride that's the magic in what Jeff has done.  He's gone out and got superstar players (like Dana Evans and Myisha Hines Allen) and then will combine them with someone who's super foundational (like Mykasa Robinson) and made magic happen.   

DF:  You played, so are you drawn to that position when coaching?

AB:  Always been drawn to point guard position.  I think when you have an extended HC career, that's the low hanging fruit because that's what I played but then you develop more curiosities about other parts of the game and you find what you value in a "big" or a shooting guard.  But really, I'm a student of the game, I'm a basketball junkie.  I have been getting to work early, leaving late and when I'm not at the office I have a game on at home.  I really love what I do, I love strategy and solving problems, I'm drawn to all of it.  Right now I'm the rookie on the staff so right now I'm trying to get to know everyone and find out how I can help everyone get what they need whether that be a co-worker or a player.  If Coach Walz gets back from Türkiye and asks me to coach the "bigs" or defense, I'm all in!!


Quick Questions! 

Coach Butler's responses are in bold caps

Tacos or SUSHI ?

DOGS or Cats ?

MUSIC or BOOKS (tie)

Mountains or BEACH ?

Skydiving or SCUBA ?

APPLE or Android ?

TEXTING or Calling ? 

Polka dots or STRIPES ?(vertical)

Only 115ish days until another WBB season!  We wish Coach AB success in her new found home here in Louisville and look forward to covering the Cardinals all the way to a national championship!!! 

As Always
Go Cards! 


Thursday, July 11, 2024

Jayden Ulrich Headed to 2024 Summer Olympics -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Ulrich is First UofL Track and Field Athlete to Represent United States

Photo by GoCards

The success of Jayden Ulrich continues. Louisville Track and Field's top woman student-athlete is headed to Paris for the 2024 Summer Olympics. She will compete in the discus throw.

Ulrich is the first woman on Louisville's track and field team to represent Team USA in program history. She is the second woman in program history to compete in the Olympics. Chinwe Okoro, who represented Nigeria in the discus throw in the 2016 Rio Olympics is the first.

In 2024, Ulrich finished NCAA Runner-Up in the women's discus throw. She also won an ACC Championship in the event. The rising senior was named ACC Female Athlete of the Year. 

Photo by GoCards

The women's discus throw will begin on August 2. If she advances to the finals, Ulrich will compete on August 5 at 2:30pm ET. 

Other Louisville track and field athletes to compete in the Olympics in the past include Matt Hughes (Canada - 2016, 2020), Wesley Korir (Kenya - 2016), and Ben Williams (Great Britain - 2020). Former coach Ron Mann was one of the coaches for Team USA in 2008.

NBC will carry the Olympics again this year. You can also stream all events on Peacock. $7.99 to watch every single Olympics event is a pretty solid deal.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!


Wednesday, July 10, 2024



One of the things I have learned since my heart surgery and subsequent cardiac rehab is that making healhty habits and a healthy lifestyle is something that should become a daily habit. I know... they probably tried to teach me this 60 years ago, but. uh, I was busy. Maybe. Better late than never for life's lessons to sink in, right?    

Sometimes, we can have a lapse in the healthy habits we want to pursue. We can get off track. We know what to do  but can't quite remember or rediscover the motivation to stick with it. A buddy of mine loves to use the phrase: 

"It's hard to remember your initial objective was to drain the swamp when you are up up to you ass in alligators." 

As many of the student- athletes at UofL and other schools prepare for their upcoming seasons, the dilemma comes in sometimes hitting the "pause" button. A LAPSE FOR A FEW DAYS, WEEKS OR MONTHS CAN CAUSE A LOT OF DAMAGE. MAKING HABITS LAST FOR NOW AND THE FUTURE are more like a marathon instead of a sprint.. I have learned that, even at my advanced age....exercise can do a body a great deal of good.  Done in moderation with my set skills. Here are some ideas to help you prevent those lapses in your quest to keep helathy habits. Call these five concepts "Paulie's Progress". Or, hell, call them whatever you want, I didn't invent the concepts....Bob's a nice name, call them Bob if you want. 

KEEP SETTING NEW GOALS-- The more you think about achieiving specific accomplishments and celebatng them, the harder you'll want to work. Start small and focus on small adjustments rather than radical changes that just may not be obtainable yet. One of my more recent goals was a simple one... walking the driveway. Besides creating the illusion in my neighbors' mind that I had finally "lost it" I was working on meeting a goal, then slightly increasing it when i reached it. Increasing in small steps. And on rough weather days, your local grocery store or Walmart has plenty of aisles in climate controlled comfort. Plus you sometimes get a glimpse into just how crazy some of the people in this world are.. Remember... one step at a time and stay focused. 

when an obstacle comes up that throws you off, review what you want to accomplish. Staying focused makes obstacles seem much smaller when put them into perspective. Remember you past sucessess and remember you are trying to create a healthy liffestyle. And remind youself why you want to be healthy and be realistic in your goals and  acheivements 

Remeber, setbacks can and probably will happen. No one is perfect and it is only how we react that makes a big difference. The quicker you get back on track, the better. Planning for setbacks can also reduce their impact. If you have Monday, Wednesdy and Fridays set for fitness or health training and miss a Friday...just try to make a little time on Saturday or Sunday to make it up. i missed a day last week because of a national holiday. But, I took a little time to make it up the following day. 

Become more aware of factors that can weaken your motivaton and commitment. Remember, these can be internal as well as external. I had a friend compliment me recently because of some diet changes. I asked her to stop. Why? Because I am not doing them to impress or please others. These changes are for my heart and health. Praise, while nice to get, can also weaken the resolve to succeed. If it's an ego thing for you, you will probably fail.


SURROUND YOURSELF WITH REMINDERS -- External memory aids can remind you why it is important to stick with new behaviors. Having constant reminders of why it is important for you to stay on track can help you remember the benefits of living healthy or whatever your goal is.  Do you remember the old Minnesota Vikings motto from the 1960's? "40 for 60" ? It meant they they were all involved in the game (back then there were 40 players on the roster) for the entire 60 minutes they were on the field. One that an intramural basketball team that i played on used was "five guys, four quarters, three (points) is better than two, two halves and one win." Whatever it takes for you to remind yourself to keep your eyes on the prize. do it

Have a great Wednesday and keep pushing...straight ahead. 




Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Zabala Makes FGCL All Star Roster -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Louisville's Zabala Makes All Star Roster in Rookie Debut

Photo from FGCL Facebook page

Summertime softball is nearly over. Before it comes to a close, Louisville's Alyssa Zabala gets to play one more game. She was recently named to the All Star roster in the Florida Gulf Coast League's 2024 season.

Zabala is a rising junior for Louisville softball but just competed in her rookie campaign down in Florida. She ranks high in several pitching categories. Currently, Zabala is fourth in ERA at 1.94, third in strikeouts with 46, fourth in batting average against at 0.200, and third in WHIP with a 1.11. Zabala and Mackenzie Childers have been a one-two punch for the Manatee Impact. Savannah Henley is also provided strong relief for the Impact, who lead the league with a 14-4 record. The Impact and Bradenton Slice played a late game last night, which the results were not final when typing this.

Anna Maria Aquanauts (14-5), Myakka City RiverMocs (13-6), Lakewood Ranch Rodeo (12-7), and Bradenton Slice (10-8) are the other teams to hit double-digits wins. The bottom half of the league finished below .500.

(Photo from some guy named Jared that Paulie knows)

The All Star game and Home Run Derby are scheduled to be played today with the double elimination tournament set to run July 10-13. The entire postseason is set to be played at Lakewood Ranch Softball Complex in Bradenton, Florida. Online viewing is pay-per-view only.

The offseason practice is sure to help Zabala stay fresh for the 2025 Louisville softball season, where she is expected to retain her position as the team's ace.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!

Monday, July 8, 2024

Cardinals Softball Camp Registration Open -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


UofL Softball will be holding a one-day camp for softball players that are due to graduate from high school in the years 2025-28 on July 17th at Ulmer Stadium on the Don Dobna Field, The Wedneday camp with run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will be held in two divisions -- pitcher portion will begin at noon and run to 3 p.m.

The camp will be run by UofL staff, cooaches and player on the squad.  The camp is designed to help players work on their skills, metrics and a look on what it takes to be a competitive player in the ACC, 

After a morning skills session the players will break for lunch and then live competition until 3 p.m. . Players will be evaluated at their primary playing postition and also on their batting skills. 

To get more information on the camp and registration please go to the following website:

There is information at the website about other Cardinals softball camp, including a Lil' Cards camp on Friday, July 24th.

Louisville's camps for up and comng players are excellent opportunites for them to learn the skills and get tips from the players and coaches involved in DI NCAA Softball and also fun for the participants. 


Sunday, July 7, 2024

Behind the Scenes Action - Sunday Cardinal Couple

Volleyball Behind the Scenes

A reminder came our way, a week or so ago, that while we may have a "summer slump" where there isn't all that much going on publicly, there's still activity in our favorite sports programs behind the scenes.

Specifically, we saw a flurry of indicators from Head Coach Dani Busboom Kelly and Associate Head Coach Dan Meske on various social platforms of verbal commitments being made to the UofL Volleyball program for the 2026 year.  Recruiting is one of the activities in these sports programs that is ongoing hot and heavy during the summer.

DBK and Meske used animated gifs of a cardinal bird, each had their own that they used, to indicate they had received a verbal commitment.  Typically a verbal commitment from a player will be accompanied by a social media post from the player proudly announcing their decision as they're not under the same sorts of constraints to talk about the process that coaches are.  Amusingly, however, the coaches are allowed to repost, or retweet, or whatever the term is for the social network, the player's post, which is as good as an announcement from the school for most purposes.

It's important to recognize that a verbal commitment has nothing binding about it, it's just a public statement.  There are no repercussions for retracting or changing a verbal commitment until a National Letter of Intent is signed, which puts the commitment on paper.

So, DBK and Meske tweeted their animated gifs 5 times over the course of a week or so, and four players were quickly identified, and the suspicion is that the 5th commitment was very quickly (within a day?) retracted and committed elsewhere.

In any case, here's who we know about that has committed verbally for 2026:

Blair Thiebaud, from Houston, is a 6'0 setter.  She'll be arriving as Nayelis Cabello would be starting her junior year, which is nice timing.  It will leave the Cards with one year with only one setter on the roster in Cabello, perhaps the coaching staff will gap fill that year with a graduate transfer?

Immediately after Thiebaud, Amirra Bailey shared her commitment.  I've seen Bailey listed at both 6'4" and 6'5" and is a middle blocker.  Similarly to setter, we'll be in need of more middles with 2026 as Cara Cresse and Hannah Sherman finish out their college careers.  Bailey is from Kentucky, relatively local, living in Bowling Green.

Next up is Elli Strecker, another 6'4" middle out of Zionsville, which is basically a suburb of Indianapolis, a region that has been very kind to the Cards in past years, including Cardinal great Melanie McHenry.  Molly Urban, currently on the squad is from Martinsville, about halfway between Indy and Bloomington, and incoming freshman Ava Utterback is from Plainfield a western suburb of Indy.

Lastly, Jordyn Gray will be coming our way from the heart of ACC country, Charlotte, NC.  Jordyn is a 6'1" left side hitter.  While we have a big lineup of left sides on the roster currently, in two years time several of them will have exhausted their eligibility, so we'll need to be reloading.

All in all, the future looks bright with some great recruits coming our way, and some height in them, which is always nice.  You can get great players that aren't as tall, but all other things being equal, it's good to have the height as well.


No CCRHP yesterday as, with the busy holiday weekend, the crew were all over the place with plans.  Paulie was available, and might have been able to record something on his Tascam for posting later, but we decided that was going to pose lots more challenges, and with not a great deal of material to discuss, we decided to take the week off.

We should be back with you next week!

Saturday, July 6, 2024


Less Than Two Months Away

July means that the next month is when we see Louisville sports start up. We're still closer to two months away than we are one month away for most sports, but the anticipation continues to build.

Field Hockey - 48 Days

The first match on the schedule is a scrimmage, but after a long summer break, we will take it. Field hockey is set to square off against crosstown rival Bellarmine in a scrimmage on August 23 at 2:00pm. This one will be held at Trager Stadium and will have free admission.

Soccer - 29 Days

Here is a sport that is officially less than one month away. Women's soccer has a scrimmage in early August. They will take on Butler in a scrimmage on August 4 at 7:00pm. Matches at Dr Mark and Cindy Lynn Stadium are free admission.

Volleyball - 52 Days

Volleyball is still nearly two months away. There are no scrimmages listed on the schedule so this could change, but for now, the first match of the season is against Wisconsin on August 27 at 9:00pm. This is a part of the double header that also sees Nebraska and Kentucky playing earlier in the day. Matches at both the KFC Yum! Center and L&N FCU Arena are ticketed admission. L&N is typically sold out, but you can usually find extra tickets at 'The Yum!'.

Other Fall Sports

While we do not actively cover these sports on a regular basis, we do try to mention highlights and accolades for these sports. Rowing starts in 114 days when they head to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Cross country has historically began over Labor Day Weekend, which is 56 days away.

No CCRH Podcast Today

We will not be having a Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast today. Case is off elsewhere this weekend. Daryl is celebrating the extended 4th of July Holiday. For me, Katy's family is in town so we have been mixing doing yardwork with trying to relax some. We thought about handing Paulie a microphone and letting him ramble for an hour or so, but we had no way to record it. We plan to be back next week! 

Happy Saturday and Go Cards!


Friday, July 5, 2024

July Celebrations (Louisville's version) -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Goooood morning readers!  UofL shut down for the holiday and gave staff Friday off as well so I did get to enjoy a late night with some fireworks off into the distance.  We didn't shoot any off but we live close enough to Kentucky Kingdom and Audubon Park that the two put on quite the show for us.  

The month of July always reminds me of UofL's ACC birthday.  July also means fireworks.   Its officially been 10 years in the conference for the Cardinals. 

ACC Birthday in 2014 where the other ACC mascots traveled to UofL to celebrate. 

ACC Women's Basketball Champions

ACC Women's Volleyball Champions

We at Cardinal Couple are enjoying the time off as we look ahead to another successful season of Cardinals athletics.   We hope to see you out there!  If not, you can always come back to Cardinal Couple for thoughts and recaps.  

We appreciate your viewing and engagement! 

As Always
Go Cards!


Thursday, July 4, 2024

Happy Independence Day -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Happy Independence Day!

We here at Cardinal Couple would like to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day! Whether you're looking to host family and friends, make a trip to the lake, or just hoping for some peace and quiet at home, we hope you have an enjoyable holiday.

For my wife and I, we will get to host her parents for the extended weekend and welcome my family over for a cookout and some board games. I have become particularly fond of playing Mexican Train.

If you choose to partake in shooting off fireworks, please do so with extreme caution. The loss of a limb or fingers doesn't sound appealing. I have had my fair share of shooting off fireworks that cause the neighborhood to shake and light up the sky so I can understand the joy of doing so.

Happy 4th of July, Happy Thursday, and Go Cards!

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

2024 Louisville Field Hockey Schedule Released -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


The 2024 Louisville Field Hockey schedule was releaed late Tuesday afternoon and it looks to be quite the challenging slate for the Cards.  Two exhibitions and 17 regular-season opponents will face the Cards, with eight of the contests taking place at Louisville's Trager Stadium. 


Fri. Aug.23   Bellarmine (exh)

Sun. Aug.25  @Indiana (exh)                                                  

Fri. Aug.30   @Maryland                                                            

Sun, Sept.1  @American (Wash. D.C.)                                      

Fri. Sept. 6     Princeton                                                              

Sun.Sept.8    Penn                                                                    

Fri. Sept.13   Northwestern                                                        

Sun. Sept 15  Cornell                                                                

Fri. Sept. 20   Stanford                                                              

Sun. Sept.22  @Ball St.                                                              

Fri. Sept. 27   Boston College                                                    

Sun. Sept.29  @Ohio St.                                                            

Fri. Oct.4       @Syracuse                                                          

Sun. Oct.6     @Virginia                                                              

Fri. Oct.11      North Carolina                                                      

Sun. Oct. 13   @Wake Forest                                                    

Fri. Oct. 18     Duke                                                                    

Fri. Oct. 25     @California                                                          

Sun. Oct 27    @UC Davis                                                          

Nov. 5-8          ACC FIeld Hockey Championship (Winston-Salem)  

A very tough slate for the Cards. The Cards play the top five ranked teams from the end of last season (UNC,Northwestern, Duke, Maryland and Virginia). They also have a killer stretch where seven of their final ten games are on the road as well. 

Louisville (15-7, 3-3) finished 10th in the rankings last season and return a talented bunch of players, but... to play a four game stretch where all four are top 15 opponents and three in a row of them are on the road (Ohio St. Syracuse and Virginia) is a task that will surely test the Cards top ten worthiness from late Sept. to early Oct. 

It's a fairly young Cards roster with only four of the 18 players listed either seniors or fifth year players.   Aimee Plumb led the squad in scoring last season. Em Young is the only listed goalkeeper for the squad, a sophomore who didn't play in any 2023 games.          

It's only slightly over 50 days until the Cards take to Trager and face crosstown rival Bellarmine.  We'll have much more on Field Hockey as the season draws nearer.